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By Chelsea Lewis,
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Today, Rihanna released her new album Talk That Talk. The album is impressive overall and proves that Rihanna is not only a talented musician but she is an innovate artist that is not afraid to be aggressive and command attention. Rihanna is taking on the image of being the bad girl of pop music and is not afraid of the title. The following is a track-by-track review of Rihanna’s new album, Talk That Talk.

You Da One: In the opening track, “You Da One,” Rihanna shows that she has grown up since her last album, Loud, which was an impressive album itself. Rihanna is never afraid to experiment with her sound and “You Da One” sets the tone for the entire album. Rihanna pushes her own musical boundaries and makes sure to never be contained to one area of music. Rihanna is showing the world and her fans that her bad girl self is here to stay.

Where Have You Been: This song samples “I’ve Been Everywhere” by Johnny Cash. “Where Have You Been” takes that classic song and reinvents it. This song showcases Rihanna’s vocals and adds an aggressive tone to her voice. This track could easily become another club anthem like “We Found Love.”

We Found Love: “We Found Love,” was reviewed by TCC. Read the full review here.

Talk That Talk: Jay-Z and Rihanna are back together on "Talk That Talk," the title track of off the album. The beat is funky and highlights Rihanna’s sexy vocals. Jay-Z only further compliments the song with his incredible lyrics. The last time Jay-Z and Rihanna joined forces was for “Umbrella.” "Talk That Talk" is a much harder hitting song than “Umbrella,” but this track shows how much Rihanna has changed over the years and how her mentor only enhances her one of a kind artistry.

Cockiness (Love It): This track, “Cockiness (Love It),” is an aggressive sexual track. When Rihanna released "S&M" off of Loud, the song was provocative, shocking and catchy. “Cockiness” feels like a rip off of “S&M,” and does not have the same shock value. This track is not one of the more memorable on the album.

Birthday Cake: “Birthday Cake,” is under two minutes long and does not seem necessary on this album. It feels like a continuation of “Cockiness (Love It).” “Birthday Cake” is a transitional track.

We All Want Love: Talk That Talk slows down the tempo with this empowering track, “We All Want Love.” Rihanna is known for her extreme beats and dance tracks, but “We All Want Love” reminds the listeners that Rihanna can just simply sing, no tricks needed.

Drunk On Love: “Drunk on Love” is an impressive performance from Rihanna. This track combines her vocal range and experimentation with dance music very well. The lyrics are noteworthy as well. Rihanna is expanding as a lyrical writer and covering more and more intense topics.

Roc Me Out: Rihanna provides fans with another great club anthem. She has a formula figured out when it comes to club music. Her vocals compliment the beats incredibly. It is impossible to not dance to this track.

Watch n’ Learn: Rihanna changes up the dance heavy beats to take a different approach on "Watch n’ Learn." Rihanna takes a jazz, experimental approach. "Watch n’ Learn" is another aggressive sexually charged song. Rihanna is showing her maturity as a woman on this album. Rihanna also is expressing her independence as a woman in the music industry, as she is making a statement with "Watch n’ Learn" and Talk That Talk as a whole. Rihanna will not be playing anything safe; she will be aggressive and hard-hitting. Rihanna is the bad girl of pop music and has no desire to change.

Farewell: “Farewell” is a nice closer for this album. The album started out assertive and hard hitting, but Rihanna brings the album back to a softer place with “Farewell.” Rihanna has grown over the years with her music and Talk That Talk is another note in what is destined to be a long musical history in Rihanna’s career.

The following tracks “Red Lipstick,” “Da Ya Thang” and “Fool in Love” could not be reviewed at this time because they were not available.



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