'Sex and the City 2' is a Fun Break From Serious

By Ellen Stodola,
The sequel to the first film based on the HBO series uses extravagant plot and costumes to create entertainment
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I know that this movie has been out for a while, and I know a lot of reviews have been pointing out all the problems with it as a whole, but I’d like to take a moment in defense of Sex and the City 2. First of all, there has been a lot of criticism for the film’s lack of plot, saying that it is all over the place. Obviously it’s all over the place; they’re in New York half the time and the United Arab Emirates for the other half. Clearly, the focus of the film is not on a straightforward and linear plot. No, the focus is on the clothes and the friendship between the four women, so if they want to jazz it up a bit and make us believe that they really took an all expense paid trip to the Middle East, who am I to judge?

Secondly, I highly doubt that anyone went to see this movie not knowing what to expect. Just by watching the trailer, you could have inferred that it would be trying to focus on pure fun rather than a logical story. Personally, the fact that John Corbett was in the film was enough to entice me to see if his presence would threaten the relationship between Carrie and Big (don’t worry I won’t give anything away in case you are one of the few people who still want to go see it). The men and the clothes highly outweigh any other interests the women would be having in the flow of the story.

Though the film obviously did not make as much money as the first one and obviously does not attract as large of a demographic as some other movies that are out, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a failure. The film was meant for people who were fans of the television show and was also meant to draw closure from where we left off after the first film. Though obviously trying to play on the success of the first film, I think that criticism of the plot and storyline are some of the last things that writers and producers are worried about. Though I recognize that the whole movie was a bit ridiculous, that didn’t stop me from enjoying it, and the flow of the two-and-a-half hour film did not for one minute make me anxious to leave. Though Sex and the City 2 will probably never win any awards, this doesn’t mean that it’s a complete failure.



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