Shakira’s The “Sun Comes Out” Tour Shinned on Florida Fans Saturday

By Isabel Betancourt,
Columbia’s hottest export charmed and mystified the Bank Atlantic Center
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There’s something different about Shakira lately. The underlying sadness that seeped to the surface during interviews and performances is gone. She smiles more, seems more vibrant, actually happy.

The Colombian songstress known for her sensual belly dance moves, pronounced vibrato and anthems of love and love lost shined on a full house at Sunrise’s Bank Atlantic Center on Saturday.

Adequately named “The Sun Comes Out” Tour, the title not only fits in with the new album’s optimistic message, but with Shakira’s newfound mood as well.

A show obeying several different formulas than most; instead of just showcasing her most recent album, She Wolf, the tour is also aimed at increasing eagerness and buzz for her upcoming album Sale El Sol (Sun Comes Out) due out October 19.

Almost unexpectedly, she emerged from the side of the venue in a stunning fuchsia gown walking through a sea of arms and cameras all reaching out to the petite phenomenon.

On stage, she shed her dramatic ensemble to reveal skin tight black spandex pants and a glimmering gold top that highlighted her chiseled abs and fit physique.

And then it officially began, an explosion of sound and movements kicking off the two hour set with “Why Wait” from “She Wolf.” The T shaped stage layout allowed for all seats having a great experience as Shakira shimmied, ran, rocked, and swiveled from side to side and far front to back.

The show seamlessly transcended from hit to hit, giving the entire evening a great flow, and the set list was arranged beautifully to sync with the rise and falls of dynamism and energy each song offered. Dense musical accompaniment with “Si Te Vas” and “CiegaSordaMuda” often drowned Shakira’s voice. At one point during a water break, she turned to a stage crew and asked for more volume in her microphone.

A heavy rock mash up of “Whenever, Wherever” and “Your Unbelievable” from EMF culminated with Shakira hand picking four lucky ladies from the crowd to dance with her on stage.

Upon changing into a wine colored flamenco skirt, she switched the style and sound of the night into a more Spanish, romantic feel. Coming to the very end of the T shaped stage with a bongo, and acoustic guitar players, she belted out songs from the “Love in the Time of Cholera” soundtrack and “Gypsy.”

In between the passionate lyrics, exotic flamenco moves and sensual Middle East choreography with her percussionist brought a fun spirit and coyness into these more somber songs.

Up until now, the show consisted of her present and past fan favorites. In between, Shakira’s words to the full house were warm, kind and gracious. “My only wish is that you have fun!” she asked, “And remember, tonight I am here to please you – I’m all yours!”

With that, the most unexpected revelation appeared. Her large screen that sat behind her and her band slid opened to reveal a large visual mask that kicked off the set featuring songs from her new album. The track “Gordita” featuring Calle 13 had the reggaeton duo’s vocalist, Rene, on the big visual face joining Shakira in the duet.

The evening had taken an exhilarating turn and morphed into a rave. With vibrant laser lights beaming throughout the venue and from the large face, the party officially began with Shakira as the master of ceremony.

This ushered in the vivacity needed for her more intricate and urban choreographies that complement songs like “Las De La Intuición,” “Loca,” and “Loba.”

Confirmation of her inner turmoil came directly from Shakira herself when she confessed to not always finding happiness, but despite failures to grasp the elusive state, she has had a good year. This silver lining in her life has inspired the new album’s title track “Sale El Sol,” which she offered to her audience as uplifting words to remember during difficult times.

Many compliments to the crossover sensation’s Saturday show come with one critique: in an effort to promote an as-of-yet unreleased album, many great songs from She Wolf were excluded from the set.

With such an impressive visual spectacle that came in the form of confetti, dancers, live band, the large mask, Shakira, and great encore, more of the fast paced, familiar tracks of She Wolf would have been better suited than the still unknown singles of Sale El Sol.

Despite the compromise between current and new albums, it was a thrilling evening with a humble mega star. Shakira’s "Sun Comes Out” made the weekend brighter for thousands of South Floridians on Saturday and the only sadness felt came when it ended.



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