‘Something Blue’ by Emily Giffin

By Ellen Stodola,
'Something Blue' picks up where 'Something Borrowed' left off.
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This sequel to Something Borrowed follows Darcy rather than Rachel and takes place after Darcy has found out that her fiancé, Dex, is cheating on her and after the wedding has been called off. However, Darcy isn’t an innocent bystander as her world comes crashing down because while Dex was cheating on her, she was also cheating on him with one of his friends, Marcus, and is now pregnant with Marcus’s baby. This book delves deeper into Darcy and sees past her shallowness into the person that she wants to be and the person that she has to become in order to fix the mistakes that she and those around her have made that have uprooted her life.

At the beginning of this book, I’ll admit that, as a reader, I had little sympathy for Darcy even though most everything in her life has blown up in her face. Darcy finds herself both alone and pregnant because not only has Dex left her, but she and Marcus don’t end up working out either. Though this is truly terrible for Darcy, it all seems to be some wicked karma scheme getting back at Darcy for the person that she’s become. Instead of feeling immediate compassion and sympathy for Darcy, this is something that really develops in readers over time, after Darcy heads overseas to England and after she begins to really change who she is. I think that one of the best parts of the book is that readers are really able to see Darcy make a transformation for the better, and seeing everything that’s going on in her life up close and personal helps this change to really become believable.

One of the best parts of this book is the character of Ethan. Though Ethan is mentioned briefly in Something Borrowed and is more of a friend to Rachel, he is extremely helpful and extremely loving toward Darcy. Ethan is one of the major reasons that Darcy is able to change herself so radically because he offers her both a secure place to stay away from all the drama that she left behind in New York, and he also offers her advice and a shoulder to lean on even though he is partial to Rachel over her.

Something Blue brings up similar topics and characters from Something Borrowed while also creating a very different story. As a reader, you really see the shift in Darcy making decisions that only impact herself to making decisions that take into account the fact that she is pregnant and will soon have a child to take care of. The shift in having this book take place in England is a clever tactic by the author to support the idea of just how different Darcy’s life is becoming.

This book, as well as Something Borrowed, shows that people can find happy ending even in the most unconventional places. Darcy comes to see that even though her pregnancy, breakup, and move weren’t planned, she still ends up being very happy with the changes that take place in her life, and she learns something about herself that would have otherwise remained hidden.

This book is really about self discovery as well as the discovery of who and what else is out there in the world if you just look beyond your comfort zone.



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