Steve Santagati 'The Manual: A True Bad Boy Explains How Men Think, Date, and Mate--and What Women Can Do to Come Out on Top' Book Review

By Jackie Morrison,
Want a date? Get hot or go home alone!
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Do you know that the Gerard Butler character in The Ugly Truth was based in part on Steve Santagati? The former male model and author of all things connected to bad boys. Santagati tells it like it is. He doesn't hold back and explains men honestly. If you want to get a guy, get hot. Simple as that, or otherwise you are destined to wind up with a troll or alone with cats. That's the ugly truth and it hurts, but the truth will set you free!

This bad boy manual is written by a proud, self-confessed bad boy. Santagati wrote this book, not to promote chauvinism against women, but to help females land a man. Why listen to a woman about getting a guy when a man who knows men actually has the answer. Contrary to popular belief, Santagati explains that a bad boy loves women, a lot of them, and is misunderstood.

Santagti once told me that if I want a hot guy, I need to get hot. After enough dating experiences this year, he is right. Men are simple. It is women who make dating complicated. Santagati's advice is priceless as he teaches ladies the right tools to make love happen for them. What is refreshing in this book is that he advises women to not take bad treatment. He actually tells them to get away from any man who disrespects them. Then he tells women how to command and demand respect from men. Who wouldn't want to know that?!

This book confirms that men are basic creatures. They love beauty and are very driven visually. Sorry to tell you gals, but most men don't want a woman over size 10. It's the ugly truth and like Gerard Butler said in the movie, get on a Stairmaster and get skinny. Men love a hot body, luscious hair, and a beautiful face that screams pretty young thing. Men also go crazy over a woman who knows how to stress sultry and show just enough of the goods to make them approach her. Fact is, it comes down to biology. Men want young, healthy fertile looking women. Why else do they not want anyone over 30? Yes, that hurts, but with the right tactics and guidance from Steve, you may still have a chance.

It's called: (1) get a body that would make men think you are a Playmate, (2) use hair extensions to have that long thick fertile female hair look, (3) get a stylist to dress you as sexy as Kim Kardashian, (4) take a pole dancing class to get very comfortable with your sexuality, and (5) invest in flirting lessons from a master flirt. After I took on his advice I did start noticing that more alpha men like Gerard Butler and Michael Fassbender started showing up in my dating life! Before this book I was dating cute accountants who just didn't do it for me.

If you disagree with Santagati, then look at the road to riches for one Darcy LaPier. I rest my case.



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