A tasty holiday treat, Frank DeCaro’s 'Dead Celebrity Cookbook'

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Are you seeking the perfect gift for that friend who loves to cook? Released in time for the 2011 end of year holidays is The Dead Celebrity Cookbook: A Resurrection of Recipes from More Than 145 Stars of Stage and Screen. Compiled by comedian/actor Frank DeCaro, this is a wonderful way to celebrate Hollywood with culinary gusto.

Frank DeCaro is mildly described as "flamboyant." The emphasis ought to be on the word buoyant as he infuses his comedic take on the world with an infectious gaiety that lifts the soul. His movie reviews, his view on celebrities and events, his most mundane utterances are all lively and fun and he brings this joy into a cookbook that is clearly a labor of love.

The Dead Celebrity Cookbook: A Resurrection of Recipes from More than 145 Stars of Stage and Screen is much more than a dry collection of celebrity recipes. It is chock-full of Frank DeCaro’s dry wit and tasty quips. It gives readers a glimpse into the lives of many Hollywood icons, infused with DeCaro’s sharp observations and iconic humor. It just might become a Bible for celebrity themed dinner parties. After all, what better way to savor Hollywood?

Frank DeCaro is an unabashed celebrity junkie. Attending a "Dead Celebrity Party" and conscious that the only item missing was food inspired by the "celebrities" in attendance, he set out on a mission to collect recipes from Hollywood royalty. To quote Edge Boston, ”I miss those days when celebrities still had mystery about them, and a glimpse inside their radar ranges seemed, for any fan, like a window into the world of glamour and excitement, which is why I put together this book."

A taste from a question and answer session with Reuters:

Q: ”There are over 145 recipes. How did you get them?“ A: “Ever since that party, I've been collecting out-of- print cookbooks, supermarket flyers, spiral-bound manuals that came in microwave ovens in 1975, old magazines -- anything that has a celebrity recipe in it. I curated the recipes from those sources, borrowing the lists of ingredients and rewriting the instructions so they made sense for modern home cooks.“ Q: “Do you know if any of these celebrities actually cooked the dishes?“ A: “I certainly think they enjoyed them, even if someone else did the cooking. (Michael) Jackson was said to love sweet potato pie. Who doesn't? Gary Coleman's recipe (chicken vegetable soup) had a note attached that suggested it was one he grew up eating. As for Miss Crawford, I'd very much like to believe Joan poached her own salmon, if you'll pardon the expression.“

One would be wise to check out DeadCelebrityCookbook.com. Here is a small sample of the delights within, “If you’ve ever fantasized about feasting on Frank Sinatra’s Barbecued Lamb, taking a stab at Anthony Perkins’s Tuna Salad, or wrapping your lips around Rock Hudson’s Cannoli — and really, who hasn’t? — Frank DeCaro’s The Dead Celebrity Cookbook is for you!!!“



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