By Todd Barwick,
Documenting the annual World's Largest Trivia Contest held in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.
Author Rating: 
2.5 Stars

Every year, teams from all over the country gather in Stevens Point, Wisconsin to compete in the world's largest trivia contest. Broadcast over the radio on 90FM, the contest consists of 8 trivia questions per hour, for 54 hours straight. For some people, trivia is a way of life, almost an obsession. For others, the contest is simply an excuse for getting together with friends on an annual basis. This documentary focuses on several of the top teams, and what they do to stay that way.

This is an average film that depicts real people, although you can tell some people are "performing" for the camera, instead of just being themselves. Unless you are into trivia or connected to the contest in some way, you probably won't enjoy watching this film.

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