Charlotte Hornets center Bismack Biyombo made one homeless man’s night by taking him to dinner and getting to know him.
We’re all excited to see Avengers: Age of Ultron in May, but it would be even more exciting if we got to see it with one of the stars.
Taylor Swift is hoping to do her part for New York, agreeing to donate the royalties from her single “Welcome to New York” to New York City Public Schools.
David Beckham may have retired from soccer, but that doesn’t mean he’s keeping a low profile.
Chris Evans and Chris Pratt found a way to settle their bet so that everyone wins. The Marvel stars decided that they will both go to each others’ favorite children's hospitals.
Rapper J. Cole has decided to give back to his community in a unique way. He is going to turn his childhood North Carolina home into a rent-free home for single mothers.
Taylor Swift has been on a roll in recent months when it comes to helping out her fans.
Eminem visited a terminally ill fan who had been given days to live by doctors. The rapper spent time with him at his Rochester, Michigan home.
Part of Taylor Swift’s image is a love for her fans. She tries to keep up a personal connection to them, despite her fame and busy schedule.
This season is the time for giving and celebrities have been giving their time to fans who are struggling.
Ebola may no longer be in the headlines in the U.S., but the disease is still widespread in East Africa.
Not only did Santa Claus visit children at a Kentucky hospital on Christmas Eve, but one Hunger Games star also came along to spread some cheer.

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