It has been announced that Stephen Colbert will replace David Letterman for Late Night.
Happy hump day, readers! It's finally the middle of the week again and we're so excited that it's almost time for another weekend.
Twitter is a social media platform often used to discuss the latest news - be it sports, entertainment, local, national, international news or what have you.
Mickey Rooney is a Hollywood legend and icon. Rooney was a famous actor and all around talent, he passed away on Sunday at the age of 93.
Very big things are happening on this lovely Sunday.
What was supposed to be a pick-me-up is causing Miley Cyrus a mix of emotions. After one her dogs, Floyd, died, Cyrus received another puppy from her mom.
Happy Throwback Thursday! Today, some of our favorite celebrities took a blast from the past by sharing some old photos of themselves and others.
Happy Wednesday, readers! It's the middle of the week again and we know you're getting tired from all the work. It's time to sit back, relax, and enjoy your daily dose of celebrity tweets.
With spring in the air, and the weather getting ready for a much needed warm up, celebrities are getting out into the sun, and sharing their springtime moments with the world.
Wednesday's top tweets from your favorite celebrities are finally here! Twitter was full of its normal excitement.
This Sunday, we bid adieu to another great actor gone way too early. James Rebhorn passed away in his home today.
Happy Friday! It's finally the weekend and we couldn't be any more excited to share today's top celebrity tweets.

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