Two of Marvel’s three actors named Chris are heading to battle, but not on screen.
While fans of The LEGO Movie remain stunned by the movie’s snub at the Oscars, directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller are trying to make light of the situation.
The recent terrorist attacks in France have evoked various emotions. Many are saddened and angered by the senseless deaths of 17 people. Some are afraid.
Taylor Negron, who was known in both the comedic and acting world respectively, passed away Saturday after a battle with cancer.
Jim Rome, host of The Jim Rome Show, is a sports commentator who regularly tweets his opinions. This past Thursday, though, he went a step too far.
Famous musician Joe Cocker died earlier today, at age 70, as a result of lung cancer.
Since Sony’s plans to cancel the release of The Interview, Hollywood celebrities have been very vocal about the decision on social media.
Throughout the month of November, Twitter members who attend public school have tweeted photos of their lunches served in their cafeterias, some of the food looking downright disgusting, using the has
Throughout the week, citizens of Buffalo, New York have experienced what news sources are calling a Thundersnow storm.
On Thursday, legendary comedic director and EGOT recipient Mike Nichols died of cardiac arrest at the age of 83.
Within minutes that news broke of Mike Nichols' death, the tributes from Hollywood began pouring in.
For the past several days, the Internet has been a jungle in discussion about socialite Kim Kardashian's entire backside appearing on the cove

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