While Bruce Jenner’s interview with ABC News’ Diane Sawyer aired Friday night, members of the Kardashian family took two Twitter to voice their support.
Windell Middlebrooks, who died suddenly on Tuesday, is being remembered as a funny actor, who made an impression on everyone he worked with.
The death of Leonard Nimoy is still being felt around the world, but nowhere is the loss more felt than within the Star Trek community.
By now, you have probably seen the dress that has caused massive disagreements between friends, families and the Internet on Thursday. Some see the dress as white and gold. Others see blue and black.
Figuring out the color of a dress - that may or may not be blue and black or white and gold - heated up a heavy debate on social media that even celebrities such as Sophia Bush and Kim Kardashian had
Looks like Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird won’t be a one-hit-wonder after all.
Taylor Swift’s team quickly wiped away any trace that her social media accounts were hacked earlier today, but the singer couldn’t resist making fun of those who threatened to release nude photos of h
Two of Marvel’s three actors named Chris are heading to battle, but not on screen.
While fans of The LEGO Movie remain stunned by the movie’s snub at the Oscars, directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller are trying to make light of the situation.
The recent terrorist attacks in France have evoked various emotions. Many are saddened and angered by the senseless deaths of 17 people. Some are afraid.
Taylor Negron, who was known in both the comedic and acting world respectively, passed away Saturday after a battle with cancer.
Jim Rome, host of The Jim Rome Show, is a sports commentator who regularly tweets his opinions. This past Thursday, though, he went a step too far.

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