Throughout the week, citizens of Buffalo, New York have experienced what news sources are calling a Thundersnow storm.
On Thursday, legendary comedic director and EGOT recipient Mike Nichols died of cardiac arrest at the age of 83.
Within minutes that news broke of Mike Nichols' death, the tributes from Hollywood began pouring in.
For the past several days, the Internet has been a jungle in discussion about socialite Kim Kardashian's entire backside appearing on the cove
Former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush are on completely opposite sides of the political spectrum, but since both don’t have to worry about governing any longer, they can be buddies.
The creative minds of Twitter took to the social media site to create new versions of movie titles under the hashtag #FilmsWithOneLetterMissing, where one letter is taken out of the movie title to cre
Disney released the title for the newest installment of the Star Wars film franchise on Thursday, The Force Awakens. However, it did not take long for fans to react to the news.
Across the country, everyone is taking time to remember the events of September 11.
Former X Factor contestant Simone Battle was found dead of an apparent suicide and fans have taken to Twitter to mourn the loss.
After suffering from complications while undergoing throat operations Joan Rivers died at the age of 81.
Comedian and actress Joan Rivers passed away on Thursday at the age of 81, and many who adored her work have taken to Twitter to pay their respects.
Legendary comic and fashion icon, Joan Rivers, passed away on Thursday at the age of 81. Rivers' daughter, Melissa, assured fans that Rivers was surrounded by family and loved ones.

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