Several big movie trailers were recently released and summer television shows are currently either wrapping up or heating up, and people are taking to Twitter to talk about them.
Fans reacted to the recent death of Ariana Grande’s grandfather, trending #RIPGrandpaGrande on Twitter in honor of the star’s beloved family.
Jason Biggs, commonly known for his appearance in the American Pie franchise films and the Netflix exclusive show Orange is the New Black, apologized for posting a Twitter joke about the
James Garner, a television legend, passed away on July 19 at the ripe age of 86.
Elaine Stritch, who played Jack Donaghy’s mother on 30 Rock, has passed away at the age of 89. Several celebrities remembered the BRoadway legend for her incredible career.
Jaden Smith has become the subject of a hilarious new meme this month as fans take to Twitter to parody his philosophical muses in 140 characters or less.
Some people tweet once in a blue moon, others do it nonstop, but with the billions of Twitter users out there, there are always plenty of posts to check out on the social media site.
On Thursday, actress Mindy Kaling and TV host Carson Daly announced the nominations for the 66th annual Primetime Emmy Awards.
Everybody loves to tweet about television shows.
This Independence Day celebrities have taken to Twitter to show off their American pride, and a bit of their classic humor.
Singer Robin Thicke logged on to VH1’s twitter feed to answer fans’ questions to #AskThicke.

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