Rose Byrne is joining the growing list of actresses calling out Hollywood sexism, an issue that is back in the headlines.
The Cannes Film Festival always seems to have something weird up its sleeve to take attention away from the movies and this time it is “Shoegate,” a scandal that was sparked over the weekend when wome
The American Civil Liberties Union wants to finally get to the bottom of Hollywood sexism and thinks that calling on federal and state agencies to investigate solve it.
An Israeli Orthodox Jewish website has taken down an image of Kim Kardashian on its news site, claiming that the reality star is a “pornographic symbol.”
Ashton Kutcher is very involved in his and Mila Kunis' Neighborhood Watch Group, according to a source.
Dave Spade looked to his Facebook page to pay tribute to the late Chris Farley on March 31. The 31st was the 20th anniversary of their comedy Tommy Boy.
We have all witnessed the lifestyle changes Kourtney Kardashian has undergone after having children. She is much more calm, centered and out completely there.
Let’s first begin with the fact that Kris Jenner felt the need to bestow upon all of us a mental image of her in a bra.
Jake Gyllenhaal is a hot commodity in Hollywood right now.
They were friends. They were costars. They were brothers.
Jason Derulo is a fan of the dating app Tinder, but don't expect to see him on it anytime soon.
Former Playboy Bunny Holly Madison's memoir, Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny, exposes many secrets of The Playboy Mansion.

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