Another theater chain has decided not to run the risk of showing Sony’s The Interview.
For the rest of this week at least, we will not be hearing from James Franco or Seth Rogen. The actors’ press tour for The Interview was cancelled by Sony just moments ago.
As the fallout continues from the Sony Pictures hack, the attackers have ratcheted up the situation, threatening violence at theaters that show The Interview.
Either the Caps Lock button on Channing Tatum’s computer is stuck or he really likes to write in all capital letters.
Sony Pictures co-chair Amy Pascal could get fired over the contents of the leaked email exchange between she and producer Scott Rudin.
Oscar winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, who critiqued the media in HBO’s The Newsroom, slammed the media for publishing the Sony Pictures emails that hackers released.
Chances are that not even every member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences got a chance to see them all, but the organization that hands out the Oscars announced yesterday that over 300 f
The Sony Pictures hacking scandal just got worse. While it was already known that thousands of employees’ personal information was leaked, their medical information was made public as well.
Thanks to Nicki Minaj’s hit single, “Anaconda,” and the new fascination surrounding Kim Kardashian’s backside, Pippa Middleton decided to throw in her own opinion.
If you aren't paying attention to football, here's this weekend's big story: Talk of Frozen getting a much-anticipated sequel is heating up.

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