Two-time Emmy nominated actress Brenda Strong, who played Ann Ewing on TNT’s Dallas, the deceased character of Mary Alice Young on ABC’s dramedy Desperate Housewives, as well as various
Fans have been following the members of SAMCRO for seven seasons and now the FX drama will be coming to an end.
Janina Gavankar has changed Hollywood. She has proven that you can be a beautiful and remarkable Hollywood actress while being a video game enthusiast and proud female geek, all at the same time.
Donnie Wahlberg has come a long way since he first broke onto the entertainment scene, being a member of New Kids on the Block back in 1984.
Animation is a big part of the Hollywood machine these days, with most of the studios trying to compete with Disney for a share in the market.
Oscar Nunez is perhaps one of the more underrated comedic actors today.
Michael Waltrip is a name in the racing community that needs no introduction.
Joel McHale is best known as the star of Community and the host of E!’s The Soup.
I was fortunate enough to meet Brandon “B” Howard recently at a studio in Los Angeles.
There’s no doubt about it, Alison Sweeney is beautiful. She is a woman who could walk into a dark room and light it up like a quick flick of an imaginary switch.
In the television industry, new times call for new faces. The fresh face takes over and the old, well, they feel repetitive to the TV audience in the hurry.

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