Kim Kardashian is no stranger to the paparazzi limelight with her high-fashion lifestyle and page six relationships.
Hosted by Chris Rock, who referred to the show as the “Black World Cup,” the BET Awards celebrated many of the talented African American artists we see and hear on television and radio.
The Tony Awards honor the best in acting, direction and production that have taken over the stage this year.
A lot pressure has been put on the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Eric Shinseki, after the hospital waitlist scandal at the Veterans Affairs hospital in Phoenix, Arizona, was revealed.
Most people that attend a premiere of a family movie do not expect to be assaulted. Right? Unfortunately, Brad Pitt should have worn a mouth guard Wednesday night.
Surprise SNL Top 10 (well...sorta)!
Celebrities on Twitter took time out to honor those who have served for the United States this Memorial Day.
Justin Bieber is in trouble again. Now that his criminal record is expanding, it is easy to get lost in everything bad that he has done.
NBC has cut over half their line-up, with at a nineteen-show roster cut down to nine renewals.
Elected Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is taking a break to seek help with his on-going struggle with alcohol abuse.
In Sunday’s most recent episode of The Walking Dead season four, “Alone,” viewers were able to see where each of the characters were at this point of the show.
The night of magnificent gowns, golden statues and a star-studded red carpet is coming up as the 86th Academy Awards quickly approaches.

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