Though narratively Brad Bird’s Tomorrowland is as future-focused as can be, there’s ironically a resilient old-school charm to his latest picture.
The marketing on Disney's Tomorrowland was the best example ever of the “mystery box” at work.
Delicately crafted and respectful as it could be, Thomas Vinterberg’s film adaptation of Thomas Hardy’s 1874 novel Far From the Madding Crowd also sadly is listless in how plain-faced and milqu
Pitch Perfect was the musical breakout success no one saw coming, grossing over $115 million worldwide at the box office.
Mad Max: Fury Road was a chaotic, adrenaline packed thrill ride that had the right amount of horror, action and absolutely insanity.
Like a bat out of hell and twice as angry, Mad Max: Fury Road is a proudly wild-spirited return-to-form for director George Miller, who makes one of the most vibrantly electrifying blockbusters
For all its faults, 2012’s Pitch Perfect at least had earnest attempts towards heart and sincerity.
If it wasn’t so banal, I’d feel more inspired to poke fun at how a comedy as sterile as Hot Pursuit could feel entailed enough to be released with such a blazing title.
The Avengers are back, bringing the summer blockbuster movie season with them in Avengers: Age of Ultron.
The Alchemist's Letter is a beautifully animated intimate moment between a father and son told with brilliant use of color, texture, and imagination.
What’s often so beautiful about great science fiction is the harmony created between familiarity and alienation.
In our tech-suave, privacy-free Internet era, to be secluded is a nearly impossible task.

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