Musicals just aren’t what they used to be today, that much is for certain.
For those who not only remember the Night at the Museum movies but also were clamoring for another, rejoice.
Under the Skin, director Jonathan Glazer’s first film in a decade, is a disorienting and disturbing experience, but ultimately one of the most enjoyable of 2014.
Often what makes memoirs so engrossing on the page are also what restricts their eventual film adaptations: their spoken honesty.
The Theory of Everything makes one thing painfully clear: it is really hard to make an interesting, dramatic biopic when every major player in the story is still alive.
Within three months time, Laura Poitras’ documentary Citizenfour went from a movie no one heard of to one everyone can’t stop bringing up.
Those familiar with The Daily Show should know about host Jon Stewart’s wit, timeliness and political drive.
NBC's Peter Pan Live brings the stage to your television.
Stretch had a difficult road to the big screen. So difficult, in fact, it never even made it there.
Lois Lowry's The Giver has been a staple of classrooms since it was first published two decades ago and inspired a whole genre of dystopian young adult novels.
In light of the regained public awareness in Lou Gehrig’s disease, via the Ice Bucket Challenge earlier this year, it’s almost a perfect time for a Stephen Hawking biopic to hit the awards season.
Often, celebrity-focused films—especially satires— fail for one specific reason: they fail to make their comedy accessible to a wide audience.

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