The horror genre is an interesting one because of its ability to create films that deal with the supernatural; the purpose of these films is to scare and shock you.
Lionel Barrymore and Miriam Hopkins were among the brightest stars in Hollywood in 1933. He already had one of the first Best Actor Oscars in his cabinet for A Free Soul (1931).
Captain America is not one of the more interesting superheroes in the Marvel film universe. This was clearly evident in the first Captain movie.
Philomena, one of the last 2013 Best Picture nominees to reach Blu-ray, has finally been released on home video this week.
Despite the speculation and controversy Noah has attributed since debuting on Friday, March 28, the film has all you need to be entertained.
Movies about foster children often come with a certain stigma of being sappy and manipulative.
Many of the best directors in the 1940s and 1950s started out as screenwriters.
The Grand Budapest Hotel plays like a Wes Anderson greatest hits album. Particular Andersonian foibles plucked from his previous films pop up over the course of the film.
The long-awaited novel turned movie, Divergent, hit movie theaters on Thursday.
If The Maltese Falcon was the birth of film noir and Double Indemnity was the genre all grown up, then Touch of Evil was its last grasp at life.
Humphrey Bogart remains an icon of the Golden Age of Hollywood. For many, he is the embodiment of all that's great from the era.
It’s not often easy for a series to make the transition from the small screen to the big one.

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