In our tech-suave, privacy-free Internet era, to be secluded is a nearly impossible task.
It’s really strange to see an unfinished film or any unfinished piece of work. The audience is left only to wonder “what if” while watching it and also wondering why we get to see it at all.
Could it be that the found-footage market has become so over-saturated that the found-webcast is our newest horror conceit?
Salma Hayek might be a total badass in Everly, but director Joe Lynch’s latest film has few other noteworthy qualities.
The Babadook is a unique and terrifying horror film which is practically guaranteed to stay with you for weeks after the credits roll.
Nicholas Sparks is a love guru, movie-making mastermind, of this, we are all aware.
As someone on track to graduate college next month, I can confirm nostalgia, disillusionment, fear and sometimes acceptance are emotions on a never-ending brigade inside the mind.
Actors can often make or break a film. The greatest screenplay on Earth is nothing if it lands in the wrong hands, while even the weakest of scripts can be salvaged by extraordinary performers.
As the cliches go, those who can’t do, teach and those who can’t create become critics. If you can’t do any of those, you become a scam artist.
The line between interpretation and misinterpretation seems driven inside the heart of Rok Bicek’s Class Enemy.
Frank Hall Green’s Wildlike is, in a word, unremarkable.
Coming-of-age dramas are a dime a dozen. They come and go in droves to cinemas year after year, and only a few truly make an impression.

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