True horror comes from the unknown. To be ignorant is to become engulfed in the terrors of your surroundings as you're cloaked in dour confusion.
The story of Cinderella is, at it’s core, a horrifyingly sad story about a young girl who early in life is stripped of the joys and comforts of her parents, home, and dignity.
Accidental Love is a bizarre, discarded time capsule of a film, and its failure is fascinating.
KRISHA, directed by Trey Edward Shults, is one of those movies that you can appreciate once, but are likely never going to want to revisit.
One of the big winners of this year’s SXSW is 6 Years, a Duplass Brothers production that was picked up by Netflix shortly after its first screening.
It’s a challenging and difficult task to create the second film in a trilogy. For every Empire Strikes Back, we get a Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.
The Diabolical is the first film from director/co-writer Alistair Legrand, who is clearly hoping to become a genre director.
There’s a reason why indie directors love working with Jason Schwartzman. He is incredibly versatile and can make an audience laugh with just a little facial tic.
Wild Horses has a good film hidden inside it, if only writer/director/star Robert Duvall could have found it.
The Overnight is the child of a long line of movies that center on just a handful of characters over a single day, but actually a lot funnier.
At last, Amy Schumer has come to the big screen and not a moment too soon.
Hello, My Name Is Doris is a charming and funny film from Wet Hot American Summer Writer Michael Showalter.

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