YouTube, the decade-old site responsible for re-formatting how we perceive short-form comedy today, naturally hasn’t transitioned well into a longer medium.
Although notoriously difficult to capture on film, Gustave Flaubert’s famed 1856 novel Madame Bovary has still attracted filmmakers.
Golden Age Hollywood never let something like facts get in the way of telling a good story and nowhere is that more evident than in the biographies of music icons.
Paper Towns is a subpar John Green novel, so it’s only fitting for Jake Schreier’s film adaptation to be somewhat substandard as well. Actually, that’s a bit harsh.
The sport of boxing is fertile cinematic ground and for obvious reasons.
Russell Crowe has been making films for 25 years and has worked with plenty of great directors, including Ridley Scott, Michael Mann and Ron Howard.
At last, Amy Schumer has come to the big screen and not a moment too soon.
Proceeding Edgar Wright’s departure, Ant-Man, Marvel's 12 feature, would permanently remain a second-rate version of what it could have been.
With all the police crime procedurals on television these days, a crime movie has to go above and beyond to prove its reason for existence.
The minions are back and starring in their own highly-anticipated feature film.
Director Tarsem Singh is a distinct visionary lacking a voice.

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