The genre of heavy metal/screamo can be off-putting to some mainstream listeners, as it often features heavy guitar rifts, screaming and aggressive lyrics.
Even in the world of rock gods, the show must go on at all costs.
Sea of Bees, a musical project by singer Julie Ann Baenziger, released her new album Build a Boat to the Sun on June 30.
Rapper TooSmooth is back with an incredibly raw and reflective album. The Come Up Vol.
Boston composer/arranger Ayn Inserto, in a delightful collaboration with the Colours Jazz Orchestra, an acclaimed Italian Big Band, has created the album Home Away From Home, which was released
The Who have proven that they can perform with just two of their original members, but that was in question in the early 1980s after drummer Keith Moon died in 1979.
Calais is out to make a strong first impression with their new EP Silhouette in the United States after spending a lot of time in their hometown of Brisbane, Australia working on their music.
The Brian Landrus Trio’s first album, The Deep Below, which was released on June 16 via BlueLand Records, is helmed by low woodwind instrument aficionado Landrus.
Hop Along, the alternative band from Philadelphia, just released their new album, Painted Shut, on May 4.
James Taylor has taken his sweet time to make a new album of original material and for his fans, Before This World will certainly feel worth the wait.
Sarah Ross isn't afraid to be different when it comes to country music.
Baritone saxophone virtuoso Charles Evans’ seventh album On Beauty, which was released May 12 on More is More Records, is also his second album written for and featuring the talented soprano sa

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