Glenn Wilson’s latest album, Timely, is a live album that was recorded over two nights in 2012 at the Havana Nights Jazz Club in Virginia Beach.
Gebhard Ullmann’s band, Basement Research, has been making music for 20 years. The band’s seventh CD, Hat & Shoes, is Ullmann’s 50th album as a leader/co-leader.
Rock 'n' roll band SALT has released The Greenman and the album starts out strong and makes no apologizes for their hard hitting, yet fun and original rock sound.
Copper The Bet has released Champagne. Champagne combines elements of pop, electronic and retro and the result is a new sound that could fit into a few different musical times.
18th & Addison has released Little Parasites and are making their presence felt in the rock industry because of their modern sound that combines elements of pop and punk rock in a way that feel
Luke Spehar is proving that the third time might, in fact, be the charm.
Taylor Swift just released her music video for her latest single "Style" on Friday and needless to say, the video is very much different from her previous videos.
Five Plus Six’s debut recording titled Such Sweet Thunder was released on January 6 from Shade Street Records.
For a songwriter of his stature, Bob Dylan has released a surprising number of cover albums during his five-plus decades in the music business.
There’s a persistence sense of longing in Beck’s work, a continuously prolonged desire to express deep-slipped feelings of melancholy and nostalgia, aided through thoughtful reflection and once shorts
Taylor Swift's attempt to leave her country roots behind and enter the realm of pop has been set in motion from her last album Red.
The word "punk" may be the most poorly understood term in music.

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