It takes pure, unadulterated talent for an artist to hold an audience captive.
Adelitas Way is returning to the rock sound that is not only simple, but connects with audiences because it tells a story.
Brian Wilson’s new album, No Pier Pressure, has the sense of frustration visible in every groove, even as the former Beach Boy sings about escaping to tropical islands, quiet places and sailing
If you’ve ever wished there could be more singers like Ol’ Blue Eyes himself on the music scene today, then clearly you’ve never heard of Peter Oprisko.
Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal has been keeping busy musically since he became a part of Guns N' Roses in 2006, but that hasn't stopped him from released another solo album, Little Brother is Watching.
It was back in September 2013 that Mumford & Sons announced that they would be taking a hiatus. They were not sure when they would be returning to the music scene or if they would at all.
I’ll admit I was a bit intimidated to listen to Ben Sidran’s CD Blue Camus.
Fans of John Mayer, Jason Miraz, Phillip Phillips, and Ed Sheeran need to listen to new singer/songwriting Taylor Berrett's debut album, Great Falls.
Derek James mixes and matches many different musical genres in his album Take Me Out Dancing and the result is a high energy, rock infused dance collaboration that comes together in perfect har
A sensational vocalist immediately sets him/herself apart from the status quo.
Ajoyo’s self-titled debut album melds old-world Cameroonian beats with traditional jazz themes to create a distinctive and unforgettable sound.
Ever wish that you could bottle up the spontaneity and high energy of a jam session to uncork at your leisure? Then Simple Gifts by The Susan Krebs Chamber Band is the next best thing.

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