Ever wish that you could bottle up the spontaneity and high energy of a jam session to uncork at your leisure? Then Simple Gifts by The Susan Krebs Chamber Band is the next best thing.
Asher Monroe has worked with artists like Sean Kingston and Chris Brown but now he is putting the focus back on his solo career with On My Way Pt. 2.
Steps of Doe have released On Returning and the album transcends being an average pop-inde album with whimsical vocal harmonies and complex melodies.
Actor, songwriter and singer Troy Doherty has been seen on shows like Criminal Minds, Victorious, New Girl, and Mike and Molly.
Babymetal, an all girl-group from Japan, has combined aggressive metal infused rock 'n' roll with pop and the result, is unique, to say the least. Their sound is referred to "kawaii" (cute) metal.
Why play with one band when you can be in three instead? That’s what we find out when listening to the fine jazz of Jerry Kalaf’s album, Welcome To Earth.
All Time Low arrived on the music scene at the height of the pop-punk emo band phase.
Forebear is described as an indie rock band. That description has become overused and worn out in the music industry.
The Fooo Conspiracy consists of four teenagers who came together through a love of music and dance.
Crimson Calamity has released All in the Cards and from the first track on, they prove that they aren't your average female country group.
Roberta Donnay & The Prohibition Mob Band’s intoxicating record, Bathtub Gin, takes listeners on a stroll through the 1920s and ‘30s as these artists magically revive the Jazz Age of America.
Composer and pianist Petros Sakelliou’s latest album, Visual Music Circus, includes a bevy of incredible musicians playing their instruments with overwhelming skill and accuracy.

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