Composer and pianist Petros Sakelliou’s latest album, Visual Music Circus, includes a bevy of incredible musicians playing their instruments with overwhelming skill and accuracy.
Hard hitting rock 'n' roll is back with the debut release from Kirra, Run Away.
Caféïne has released New Love and with this new musical effort has found a way to combine rock 'n' roll, EDM and at times, a touch of folk inspiration into a hit record.
If you have the likes of Van Morrison singing your praises, then chances are you aren’t an ordinary vocalist.
Acclaimed tenor saxophonist Benny Sharoni’s latest CD titled Slant Signature due to be released on March 17 from Papaya Records, melds high tempo tracks with more subdued, sensual ones to creat
Ashlinn Gray has released her self-titled debut and this entire album is a refreshing and unexpected surprise.
Have you ever wanted to travel back in time and relive a musical era?
The Antics are out to prove that they are not just a flash in the pan indie rock band. The group has just released an EP, When I'm Alone, with two brand new singles.
Rachel Garlin has released her latest album, Wink at July, and this effort proves that Garlin is not only an incredible singer-songwriter but really takes the time to develop and create these c
Bonson Berner has released an album that combines many different influences, embraces the odd and creates a sound that stands out in a music industry that at times can become very formulaic.
Kelly Clarkson proved that if you win a reality singing competition, you could have a long and successful music career.
Dave Bass’ path to music stardom hasn’t been a straightforward one by any means.

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