There's a very good chance Britt Robertson will be a big star one day, and, based on what she's brought to the table so far, this is well deserved.
These last couple weeks I’ve had summer and grilling on my mind. Now all the main courses for outdoor eating are great, but what about the sides?
Just months after Here Comes Honey Boo Boo was the center of a controversy, another TLC show is in trouble.
The Late Show with David Letterman is — and will always be — the definition of late night television in my mind, as cheesy as the jokes may be, lazy as the show could seem and repetitive as it
Mad Men sailed off into the sunset Sunday night, but not with any major death or an hour of scenes cobbled together to fulfill fans' dreams.
Before they became the titular characters on Netflix latest original series Grace and Frankie, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin were Judy Bernly and Violet Newstead, two hard-working secretaries who,
Now that The CW announced its 2015-2016 TV season plans this morning, we know exactly what this Fall will look like on TV.
The last class I taught you how to make Ceviche, so I thought since I had covered some surf, I should now get to some turf. That’s right, this class is about steak.
There’s no deliberate reason for why I’ve avoided Legally Blonde all these years.
Netflix is nearly every college student’s go-to streaming site. Only one in eight of them are actually paying for the service, but all are using it advantageously for their binge watching pleasure.
John McKay’s Not Another Happy Ending is an indifferent experience.

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