Last week you learned how to prepare a perfect rack of lamb.
George Harrison was born on Feb. 25, 1943 and would be 72 today, were he still alive. He died on Nov. 29, 2001 at age 58 from lung cancer.
It was pretty clear for a while now that the race to Best Picture would be between Birdman and Boyhood, two pretty important and impactful films.
For the first time since the Best Picture field expanded in 2009, all nominees in the category won at least one Oscar, but only one of eight could win the big one.
This year’s Oscars should be a fascinating affair. Some could say it’s predictable; however, a surprise or two might happen.
In a matter of hours, Hollywood will be the center of the world, at least for four hours. The Oscars are on Sunday night and it’s the Super Bowl for anyone who loves movies.
Money isn’t everything, but it certainly talks in Hollywood. What makes the Oscars interesting is how green plays into it - or rather, how Hollywood likes to pretend it doesn’t.
One of the great things about TheCelebrityCafe.com’s staff is that we’re from all over the country.
After Marvel had been absolutely dominating the box office the past few years, DC is starting to step up to the plate and trying to replicate that studio’s success.
We are just five days away from the 87th Academy Awards, meaning that soon there will be a new title added to the columns at Hollywood & Highland Center that list the names of all previous Best Pictur
Former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice issued an apology to fans almost one year after his arrest for assaulting his then-fiancée and now-wife, Janay Palmer.
Last cooking class we covered a food that is great for parties, chicken wings.

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