When Japanese super-star pitcher Masahiro Tanaka took that flight over to New York City, none of us knew what to expect. We heard a lot of noise and hype about this guy, but we had not yet seen it.
NASCAR fans, just like any other sports fans, don’t like domination.
As the times change, technology improves and the world changes with it.
It has been reported that with the X-Men franchise moving forward that Jennifer Lawrence, who plays Mystique in the First Class generation, could potentially be getting her own spin off
Allegiant , the third part to the Divergent series, will be split into two films, as
One Direction became the first group to have their first three albums r
Upon the news of David Letterman announcing his retirement, CBS did not hesitate to announce his replacement.
Although nobody asked her, Amanda Bynes’ mom, Lynn, is telling anyone who will listen that Amanda “has no mental illness whatsoever.” She claims Amanda’s bizarre behavior was only the result of smokin
It has been gut-wrenching to see the most tragic incidents imaginable occur at two of the places I’ve called home – Penn State and Franklin Regional – schools where young people are supposed to grow a
By now, you've likely heard that CBS confirmed David Letterman's replacement for Late Night already, little more than a week since he announced his retirement.
In theory, every job should provide its workers with a wage that is livable, also known as a living wage.
Mickey Rooney spent 87 of his 93 years in movies. Rooney, whose death was reported late Sunday night, was one of the last stars of an era and spent nearly his entire life in show business.

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