Although the criticisms flew in every direction towards LeBron James in the summer of 2010, nobody can deny the fact that he took less money to ensure "The Big-Three" uniting.
Fans recently took to a variety of social media outlets when news broke about an X-Men: Days of Future Past clip being shown at the end credits of the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2.
This year is the 44th anniversary of Earth Day.
The 2014 NBA Playoffs are now under-way, and basketball nuts are ready for it. The first-round across the board presents juicy match-ups that have fans wild with anticipation. Or do they?
The latest trend in concert-going includes massive stadium tours, which have become known as mega concerts.
Did rapper Andre Johnson cut off his penis, in much the same way as people cut their wrists – as a suicide attempt, hoping they will bleed to death?
Last week we learned how to make a scampi sauce and lots of sauces that could be made from that technique. This week we will continue with sauces and you will learn how to make a beurre blanc.
When Japanese super-star pitcher Masahiro Tanaka took that flight over to New York City, none of us knew what to expect. We heard a lot of noise and hype about this guy, but we had not yet seen it.
NASCAR fans, just like any other sports fans, don’t like domination.
As the times change, technology improves and the world changes with it.
It has been reported that with the X-Men franchise moving forward that Jennifer Lawrence, who plays Mystique in the First Class generation, could potentially be getting her own spin off
Allegiant , the third part to the Divergent series, will be split into two films, as

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