Today is the day before the San Diego Comic-Con, but it is also Batman Day, marking the 75th anniversary of the world’s favorite caped crusader.
Marvel Entertainment may have just had the best news-making week in comic book history. We got a female Thor, then a new Captain America and then five release dates for future films.
One big announcement a week isn't enough for Marvel Entertainment.
Look out Marvel Universe! There’s a new Thor coming to town, and she – yes, she – is worthy enough to possess the power of Thor.
Most forms of entertainment label black magic as a dark art. It is something that should not be tampered with.
DC Comics' Batgirl will be undergoing some big changes this October, including a redesigned costume and the arrival of a whole new creative team.
Thule was a divided realm united by Lord Silverfall and Lady Demeter. Lady Demeter gave birth to Gloriana Demeter. For 5oo years, Gloriana trained to rule and prevent another war.
When reality and fantasy combine, nothing good will come of it. Wonderland: Asylum is truly mad. The story revolves around Alice’s daughter Violet.
Bob’s Burgers is hitting the printing press with a new comic book.
Are you going to be in Philadelphia next weekend? If you are, you should purchase Comic Con tickets before it’s too late!
It’s another week and another week in a cast.  I was supposed to see the surgeon today but that was rescheduled due to an emergency.  So here I sit dictating to my wonderful wife, Ann, who is finished
I’m still in a cast, and will be until next Tuesday. This week my wonderful daughter Danielle is helping me type again, and by that I mean she’s typing everything I say.

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