Marvel heroes will be fighting one of Japan’s biggest and most intense villains soon.
Anyone who is a fan of the dark, mysterious, and classic Tim Burton film Edward Scissorhands will be happy to know that the beloved s
We like to think that our favorite superheroes are invincible, but even the most powerful heroes sometimes meet their ultimate death.
Marvel released Death of Wolverine Wednesday as part of a weekly event all September long.
Weren’t DC Comics and Warner Bros. supposed to announce a full slate of future movies at the San Diego Comic-Con this year?
Sadly, Comic-Con International 2014 closed up shop on July 27, 2014. The yearly anticipated event in San Diego lasted five days.
Today is the day before the San Diego Comic-Con, but it is also Batman Day, marking the 75th anniversary of the world’s favorite caped crusader.
Marvel Entertainment may have just had the best news-making week in comic book history. We got a female Thor, then a new Captain America and then five release dates for future films.
One big announcement a week isn't enough for Marvel Entertainment.
Look out Marvel Universe! There’s a new Thor coming to town, and she – yes, she – is worthy enough to possess the power of Thor.
Most forms of entertainment label black magic as a dark art. It is something that should not be tampered with.
DC Comics' Batgirl will be undergoing some big changes this October, including a redesigned costume and the arrival of a whole new creative team.

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