Thule was a divided realm united by Lord Silverfall and Lady Demeter. Lady Demeter gave birth to Gloriana Demeter. For 5oo years, Gloriana trained to rule and prevent another war.
When reality and fantasy combine, nothing good will come of it. Wonderland: Asylum is truly mad. The story revolves around Alice’s daughter Violet.
Bob’s Burgers is hitting the printing press with a new comic book.
Are you going to be in Philadelphia next weekend? If you are, you should purchase Comic Con tickets before it’s too late!
It’s another week and another week in a cast.  I was supposed to see the surgeon today but that was rescheduled due to an emergency.  So here I sit dictating to my wonderful wife, Ann, who is finished
I’m still in a cast, and will be until next Tuesday. This week my wonderful daughter Danielle is helping me type again, and by that I mean she’s typing everything I say.
Well this is very late and it’s nobody’s fault but my own. I have soft tissue damage in my wrist resulting in my dominant hand being in a cast. What fun it is to type.
Due to an as yet unresolved issue which has left me temporarily without the use of my right arm, I am unable to type this week and had a misunderstanding with a friend, Nick Clough, whom I had asked t
A couple of weeks ago somebody recently back to comics after missing the previous decade or so reached out to me and asked my opinion of an article he had read.
Sex, when you get down to it that’s about the single driving reason for comics. American culture is much too prudish to have open, honest, stories about sex even if comics aren’t for kids anymore.
I own a classic Superman “S” Tee that I only wear once a year.
Last week, there were two columns: the one you can read now and the original in which I was pretty down about the New York Comic Con.

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