Facebook is hoping to challenge Twitter’s Periscope live-streaming app before Periscope gets any bigger.
Chris Pratt has gotten tired of his old Facebook cover photo and wants something new to spruce up his page.
While at first, Facebook’s 2014 ‘Year in Review’ app sounded like a nice idea, it has brought up bad memories from the past year for some users.
After much complaint about certain stories not showing up in users’ News Feeds, Facebook has introduced a new feature called “story bumping,” which will essentially recycle missed stories if they get
We’re trying out a new weekly column – a collection of funny, inspirational, cute, interesting, or otherwise worthwhile internet time-wasters. Got feedback?
Popular social media site Facebook has finally made the hashtag change, following in the footsteps of Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Tumblr.
In case you’re getting sick of the many ways that companies are able to advertise on Facebook, don’t worry, because they are too.
If you haven’t updated Facebook’s application on your smart phone or device, you might be missing out on Facebook’s next big thing.
After uploading numerous photographs of breastfeeding, Facebook user Kristy Kemp was blocked from the social network.
While many users on Facebook showed their support and expressed their concern for victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, the way that they have chosen to do so has caused much controver
While Facebook has become a huge part in the lives of users around the globe, what happens to the pages of those users once they become deceased?
Whenever Facebook decides to change its layout, an extreme backlash from users can always be expected. In December, some users began to see changes to Facebook’s Timeline.

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