With a few new series, a few new episodes and some fun guest stars, this week in television is shaping up to be very exciting. Read on to see what you should be looking forward to this week.
How is everyone doing after the four-hour spectacle that was last night’s Oscars? A bit tired of celebrities talking about themselves? Me too.
With the Olympics winding down, spring shows are getting ready to start airing new episodes again. If you want to know if your favorite show will be returning this week, look no further.
Kicking off this week in television is one of the biggest events of the year: the Super Bowl.
With the Superbowl coming up, this week in television features lots of sports specials.
With midseason premieres in full swing, there is lots to watch this week. Read on to find out if your new favorite show might be premiering soon.
Midseason premieres are continuing, and there are some really exciting new shows premiering this week. Look below to see what new shows you should be adding to your watch list!
With lots of midseason premieres and new series, this week in television is looking very exciting. Read on to see what you should be watching!
With most shows already having aired their mid-season finales, the next couple weeks will be pretty quiet on the television front.
This week in television, you can see some of your favorite holiday classics, as well as some exciting mid-season finales. Read on to see what you should be watching!
There are lots of holiday specials and episodes airing this week as we head into winter hiatus, so read on to find out what your favorite show is doing to celebrate the season.
Last week was all about NBC. The network managed to win every day of the week, a rare feat for any broadcast network and especially for the eternally struggling peacock.

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