Legendary horror director Wes Craven has passed away at 76 after a battle with brain cancer.
We Are Your Friends, starring Zac Efron as an up-and-coming EDM DJ, opened with modest hopes on Friday. And, based on the latest box office figures, it bombed.
Today is More Herbs, Less Salt day. A lot of people are trying to cut down on salt for their health, but they don’t know how to cut out salt without cutting out flavor.
Of all countries to develop a rich history in cinema, Sweden might be the most surprising.
Actor Aaron Paul celebrated his 36th birthday on Thursday. He is known for his Award-winning portrayal of junkie drug-dealer Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad.
Pop culture has an incredible influence on the words we use everyday and has shaped the English language in ways no expert could have predicted.
JoJo (remember her?) made headlines this week for reviving her career. The pop star, who scored a few hits in the mid aughts, put out three new tracks on Aug. 21.
Today marks the release of the latest installment in the most popular sports video game series in history, Madden NFL 16.
Miley Cyrus is planning yet another career change. Her album with the Flaming Lips will be showing yet another side of her.
Yesterday would have been legendary musical theater performer Gene Kelly’s 103rd birthday.
Rihanna supposedly isn’t happy with much of the material off upcoming album R8.
For National Sponge Cake Day, we thought we’d reintroduce you to this very versatile dessert starter. Sponge cake can be used to create virtually any flavored dessert you wish to make.

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