The power of authority, knowledge and revenge drive the characters in this week’s new releases.
A variety of hobbies are at the forefront of this week’s releases. Characters cook, dance and even chase tornadoes for both fun and work.
Top actors and popular musicians have a part in this week’s new releases. Selena Gomez stars in a new comedy while Mick Jagger brings the story of the influential Godfather of Soul.
The box office this weekend features comedies, dramas, thrillers and adventure films. Two of them showcase people with exceptional powers.
In theaters this weekend, two new releases go to extremes. While anarchy takes over the world for a few hours in one film, another shows the power of teamwork.
It’s a drama filled weekend at the box office. Despite most of this week’s films being the same genre, each drama unfolds in a different way.
While some characters in this week’s new releases investigate unexplainable phenomena, others are trying to get the attention of their crushes.
While many of this week’s new limited releases are drama-filled, the two major films bring comedy and music to theaters.
As estranged relatives try to reconcile in this week’s new releases, audiences can reconnect with their favorite characters.
Not everything is as it seems in this week’s new releases. Happy communities and friendly strangers hide dark secrets. Love affairs spring from unexpected places.
Revenge is key in this week’s new films. With the loss of their loves and livelihoods, the characters in the new releases seek vengeance and redemption.
Big names in film collaborate for this week’s new releases. Robin Williams and Mila Kunis star in a limited released drama while Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson unite for a comedy.

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