Favorite characters and stories make their way back into theaters this week with the release of sequels and a remake. One of them is the final film installment of J. R. R. Tolkien's novel.
A slew of celebrities are releasing new films this week. Many of them are not headlining the new releases but rather starring alongside other big named stars.
The intense feelings of love, loss and revenge encompass the majority of this week’s new releases. Two of these films feature Newsroom star Thomas Sadoski.
Familiar characters appear in this week’s big releases. When the world is in danger, characters from a popular children’s film take action.
A variety of films are making their way into theaters this weekend, ranging from a documentary, a history-based film to horror and even a Christmas comedy.
The quest for survival is a common theme among the new films hitting theaters this week.
Intense, dark films are balanced by entertaining biopics at the box office this week. Susan Sarandon has a starring role in each of those types of films.
It’s a mix between the good and bad with this week’s new releases. Stories about love and evil surround many of the characters.
The power of authority, knowledge and revenge drive the characters in this week’s new releases.
A variety of hobbies are at the forefront of this week’s releases. Characters cook, dance and even chase tornadoes for both fun and work.
Top actors and popular musicians have a part in this week’s new releases. Selena Gomez stars in a new comedy while Mick Jagger brings the story of the influential Godfather of Soul.
The box office this weekend features comedies, dramas, thrillers and adventure films. Two of them showcase people with exceptional powers.

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