This week’s wide releases are very different from each other. One is a kid friendly sequel to a popular animated film while another has kids witnessing murder and running for their lives.
Fun-filled vacations quickly turn deadly when aliens and evil run amok in the new films hitting theaters this week. A few characters try to start anew but get drawn back into their old life.
James Gandolfini returned to the crime arena for The Drop, the final film he completed before his shocking death last summer.
This week’s new releases run the gamut on topics. There’s a film that focuses on religion and, on the completely other end of the spectrum, there are others that have killers and a nymphomaniac.
The power of the bond between friends is the focal point of many of this week’s releases. Through good times and bad, friends and loved ones stick up for, and comfort, each other.
Famous actors head some little known films that are hitting theaters this week - Annette Bening, Robin Williams, Bill Murray, Ed Norton, Elijah Wood and John Cusack, to name a few, and Harvey Keitel a
Killers are on the loose in this week’s new releases. Lives are threatened in a plane, on the road, and even in a retirement home. One of the major releases is a mid-air thriller.
Love, fighting and survival are the key components of this week’s new releases. The search for loved ones and the fight to live escalates in a love affair set against a historical disaster.
Love is in the air in theaters this week. New romances blossom as strangers meet and good girls fall for bad boys.
From unorthodox lessons in team building to works of art, this week’s new releases showcase new ways of looking at things.
Many of the characters in this week’s new releases are getting rid of their inhibitions and living life to the fullest.
It’s a fight for survival at the box office this weekend. People’s personal struggles decide the fate of others.

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