Celebrities team up for this week’s newest films. Not only are popular actors joining forces, but music artists are getting in on the action as well.
The past is the key that unlocks the future for many of the characters in this week’s new films. While the undead terrorize innocent people in some plots, other films are based on true stories.
The new releases hitting theaters this week feature Oscar nominated and winning actors and actresses. Ethan Hawke and Ed Harris each showcase their acting skills in two new films.
Age is just a number for many of the actors in this week’s new releases and it’s evident in a new romantic comedy and an action flick.
Women play key roles in this week’s new films. These leading ladies are femme fatales, sleuths, actresses and scientists. Margot Robbie plays a hustler alongside Will Smith in his latest film.
There’s something for everyone at theaters this week from comedies to adult and family-friendly dramas and even horror. Moviegoers can travel through time with the sequel to a popular 2010 comedy.
It’s time to dust off those 3D glasses. This week, two sci-fi adventure films enter 3D and IMAX theaters.
There’s a struggle at the box office this weekend, not just amongst the films, but the characters themselves.
A variety of films are hitting theaters this week including two new ones from actress Marisa Tomei. Cybercrime, a talking bear and a best man for hire are the subjects of this week’s wide releases.
Secret agents are a big hit at the box office this weekend. Ethan Hawke turns back time as a temporal agent in his new thriller.
The beginning of the new year is not bringing too many new films. Just two new releases hit theaters this weekend. Despite the lack of quantity, there’s plenty of entertainment.
Leading men are the big draw at theaters this Christmas with new films from Bradley Cooper, Mark Wahlberg, Johnny Depp and Chris Pine.

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