There is a new battle at the box office this weekend. Adam Sandler and Kevin James take on beloved '80s video game characters in a family-friendly comedy.
Life is a struggle for the characters in many of this week’s new films. The loss of a child, psychological experimentation and relationship troubles are some of the issues they’re wrestling with.
Thrillers, horror films and dramas make up many of this week’s new releases.
Men famous for their bodies are hitting up the big screen this 4th of July weekend.
The self-conscious characters in this week’s new films do all they can to fit in, whether it’s in a new school or entering a new neighborhood.
An influential musician, TV show and a popular book are the subjects of just a few of the new movies hitting theaters this week.
If you’re looking for a thrill, check out the new films hitting theaters this week. Evil spirits haunt families and a family man becomes the suspect in a missing child case.
Terrorists, assassins and a natural disaster make a killing in this week’s new releases.
Popular films make a comeback in theaters this weekend. A classic horror film gets a reboot and a lewd thriller receives its third installment.
Celebrities team up in a variety of new films. The power duos take on comedies and dramas. Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara join forces for a cop comedy.
It’s a star-studded weekend at the box office. The latest releases feature celebrity casts including a comedy, drama and superhero sequel.
Talents and abilities are showcased in this week’s new films. One skill is used to commit crimes while another comes from and inspires hope.

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