The second trailer for Black Mass hit the web on Friday. Warner Bros.
This week’s column runs the gamut between movie genres from comedy to fantasy to drama and even action.
Viral sensations come and go, but the story of Miles Scott will not disappear like many of them do.
Cooties might not seem like a serious condition, but they are in the world of Cooties, a new horror-comedy starring Elijah Wood and Rainn Wilson.
Just after raising his profile with an acclaimed performance in Selma, David Oyelowo is back with another possibly riveting film.
A second trailer for Sony’s Pixels hit the on Tuesday, showing us just how dangerous real-life video game characters can be.
Being a successful DJ doesn’t happen overnight. That’s a lesson Zac Efron has to learn in We Are Your Friends, which just got a trailer today.
A Steve Jobs biopic has already been brought to the silver screen, but chances are Danny Boyle's Steve Jobs will attract more attention.
“We got the world we deserve,” a voice says in the new trailer for True Detective, proving that the show might have new characters, but the words in Nic Pizzolatto's series still have layers of
Universal unveiled the second trailer for Crimson Peak, the new horror film from filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro.
The first trailer for Jem and the Holograms, Universal and Hasbro’s film version of the beloved ‘80s animated series, has finally hit the web.
Warner Bros. and New Line’s Vacation reboot features the return of the Griswolds, who meet up with today’s typical raunchy Hollywood humor.

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