This week’s column talks about a variety of diverse movie genres including action, drama and animation.
The first full trailer for Insurgent, the second film in Lionsgate and Summit’s Divergent Series adaptation, popped up on the web today and it’s certainly filled with a lot of action.
Sean Penn has been around for a long time, but the two-time Oscar winner has never made an action movie, until now.
For anyone concerned that Pixar may have lost some of its creative edge with sequels, Inside Out should ease your mind, especially since Pixar goes inside our head with the new film.
Since its first publication in 1943, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's The Little Prince has become one of the most acclaimed and beloved children's books of all time.
The Los Angeles officials hoping to upgrade the infrastructure to deal with a major earthquake could not have asked for a better promotional campaign than the one Warner Bros. is about to give them.
It is a little less than a year before Flight director Robert Zemeckis' The Walk comes waltzing into theaters.
TThis week’s column is all about drama; there is one film mixed with comedy, one that’s simply straight, no-nonsense emotion and the last is filled with action, adventure and loads of intrigue.

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