Serena and Nicole finally met. Daniel wanted to slow things down. Melanie and Theresa promised to stay away from each other. Paige was hit with some hard news. Hope confided in Aiden about Bree.
Looking back at last week’s show, I fear I was a bit too hard on it. In fact, the last few weeks of Saturday Night Live have been on fire.
NCIS began with Tim at his typewriter writing a letter to his father on Christmas Eve about a case the team had the week before.
All four of the finalists have sung their last songs and now it is up to the votes to decide who will be the winner of season seven of NBC’s The Voice.
CSI opens with a view outside at night as someone struggles for their life to escape after being buried alive. But just when he gets to the road, a car hits him.
The Voice final four take the stage one last time to win over America, win the title of The Voice and a recording contract with Universal Music Group.
Now that the spell of shattered sight is undone, Elsa takes down ice wall. However, there is some residual magic that will allow people to leave, but not return.
In the 1960s, a space station/starship was launched into deep space because of the fear of nuclear Armageddon.
Jake and Boyle
Before we get to tonight’s episode, hosted by The Hobbit (and original Office) star Martin Freeman, there are a few *new* sketches I want to draw your attention to.
Maxie prepared for her upcoming visitation hearing, Patrick confessed the truth about Jason to Carly, Sonny came face-to-face with Johnny Zacchara inside Pentonville, Britt and Faison left town, Na
The episode starts with Dean’s dream where he is dirty and murderous. He is kneeling in the middle of the room surrounded by dead bodies.

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