What’s most engaging about Silicon Valley’s latest episode, “Adult Content,” is how it finally makes Richard (Thomas Middleditch) grow as both a person and businessman.
After a promising change-of-pace last week, things seemin
The honeymoon is over for Tom James. After a few weeks of looking like an invincible knight in shining armor, Selina’s running mate reveals a few of his flaws.
Nina got married, someone was shot at the garage, Anna shot Carlos, Carly told Sonny that he was making a huge mistake, Franco lashed out at Nina, Olivia stunned Julian with the news about her baby
For the first time during Game of Thrones's five-season run, “The Gift” as a whole felt like a world too spread out, with stories so disparate that the show no longer feels cohesive.
In last Friday’s episode of Lost Girl, another Fae murder occurred that appeared to be connected to the string of murders in the so called “death cult.” It is up to the new team consisting of
Considering the entire series follows a stand-up comedian’s life, it’s almost inconceivable to think Louis C.K.
After 33 years of hosting a show on late night television, David Letterman said goodbye to The Late Show in the way only he could.
This article contains major spoilers regarding The Voice finale.
In the final episode of Mad Men, Don Draper is speeding through a stretch of dirt in the Utah desert.
It's hard to determine whether it's more ironic or fitting that Happyish, a show based on characters who are super self-confident about how much better they are then everyone else, would have t

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