Now eight episodes in, The Strain seems to have produced an episode that personifies everything good and bad about itself.
Tonight we find out who won the endurance HOH competition and who they nominate for eviction. Who wins HOH on Day 70 in the house?
Sami began to thaw towards EJ. Abigail turned the tables on Sami. Theresa caught JJ and Paige in a compromising position. Kristen found her way into John's hospital room.
Michael and Kiki wandered around GH discussing wrestling. She then announced that they were having dinner with her mom. He wasn’t thrilled and reminded her that AJ was killed in Ava’s penthouse.
On last night’s episode of Ridiculousness, Rob Dyrdek and gang were on their own without a special guest. Not a major loss, however, because the team was just as funny by themselves.
In the two-part season finale, Nolan tries to save Tommy and stops Irisa before the plan is activated; tensions rise between Amanda and Stahma.
Thursday night's show featured another live eviction, as well as the crowning of a new HOH for the week.
We open on Jared and Peter addressing the other lawyers at the firm, that productivity is down by 8 percent.
We find out who wins the Power of Veto tonight and if they change the nominations. The majority of nominations have been changed this season.
Ricky & Valerie, African Jazz – * * * * ½
The season finale of FX’s new show Tyrant aired last night. The episode ended with unanswered questions that could only be answered with a second season.
Kira is a badass

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