This episode begins with flashbacks hours before eviction, when Austin thinks it is a good idea to tell Jason about the twin twist. I seriously question this game move.
Dillon pushed Tracy to forgive Luke, Laura learned the truth about little Jake, Jake/Jason told Carly that Jason’s son was alive, Laura decided to stay in town, Maxie returned home, Julian swore to
It's annoying when police shows resort to a plot involving the kidnapping of one of the female characters, especially since usually the women are supposed to be strong.
Julie Chen welcomes us to another live eviction. She discusses Audrey’s odd behavior since her game was completely exposed and she is 100 percent alone in the house.
The opening scene this week was quite intense. Kirsten walks into the Stitchers lab to find an alarm blaring and everyone running about frantically.
We are at day 30 in the Big Brother house. The Sixth Sense alliance still seems to be targeting Jason but recent actions by Audrey might have her in the crosshairs. Audrey needs to go.
On this week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, Charles plans to return to Rosewood for his birthday, which frightens Ken and causes mixed emotions for the PLLs, Spencer and Toby reunite, and Mi
On this week’s episode of Chasing Life, Brenna feels overwhelmed by her maid of honor duties, Leo takes dance lessons from Sara, and Dominic reconnects with his mother.
The Sins of Our Fathers
Last week we saw Kaitlyn select her final two, Shawn and Nick.
Let me start by saying I don’t review the group numbers but Monday's three routines were top-notch, especially that amazing Team Street see-saw routine.
Dante lied to Lulu, Monica told Jake/Jason about Jason, Sam learned that Hayden could be waking up from her coma, Nikolas confessed the truth to Lucky, Jake/Jason had more memories of his past, Tra

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