Jennifer Aniston and her former Friends co-star, Lisa Kudrow, reunited o
Idina Menzel has become a household name after starring in Broadway hits like Rent and Wicked, but it was her role as Elsa in Frozen that skyrocketed her to fame among a younger c
Since Frozen met Breaking Bad earlier this week, it only makes sense that Pixar’s Ratatouille can party with The Wolf Of Wall Street.
It’s been a few years since One Direction took the world by storm with “What Makes You Beautiful,” but their young fans still love the song. In fact, they have a new use for the hit song.
Frozen and Breaking Bad aren’t usually put in the same sentence, but one YouTube group brought them together in a bizarrely poignant animated parody.
For those disappointed to learn that The Imitation Game isn’t about Benedict Cumberbatch imitating celebrities for two hours, Cumberbatch’s interview with MTV will have to suffice.
It’s tough to be a princess, especially when your homeworld was just blown up by the Death Star.
It takes a lot to get Pat Sajak angry, especially when he’s hosting Wheel of Fortune in Hawaii.
Anything on Adult Swim is already bizarre, but one of their parody Infomercials is going viral because it’s just too bizarre to even believe it exists.

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