An anonymous personal assistant to one of Hollywood’s most famous women, also left unnamed, spoke to New York Magazine about the bizarre and dangerous things her boss made her do.
Everyone knows how women are treated by men. This is a very broad statement, of course, that does not reflect how every man treats every woman.
This year marks the silver anniversary of Rob Reiner’s delightful fairy tale The Princess Bride.
This year marks the 25th anniversary of Brian De Palma’s film The Untouchables.
This year marks the silver anniversary of the classic science fiction/action film Robocop.
In the aftermath of the extravaganza that was the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, it may seem like all other news and events in the Royal world pale in comparison.
Wrath of the Titans, directed by Jonathan Liebesman, is the long-awaited sequel to the Hollywood epic, Clash of the Titans.
21 Jump Street, directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, stars Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum as two rookie cops who are sent under-cover as high school kids to attempt to infiltrate the local sc
What do you get if you mix American Pie with The Hangover? You get a complete mess, you get girls dancing semi-naked around a pool, you get cars being driven into swimming pools...you get Project X. Three high school seniors throw a party as one last attempt at being part of the "cool kids." But nothing could prepare them for the night ahead. As the party grows and becomes increasingly out-of-hand, these three normal kids become something of a legend.
Gone, directed by Heitor Dhalia, is a film about a woman called Jill (Amanda Seyfried) who is the sole survivor of a string of kidnaps two years ago. After escaping her captive, Jill moves in with her sister Molly (Emily Wickersham). Just as things have begun to return to some sort of normality for Jill tragedy strikes again. Jill returns home one day to find her sister's bed empty and no sign of her. Her immediate thought is the kidnapper has found her and has taken her sister. With the police offering no help, Jill must face this evil alone.
Safe House, directed by Daniel Espinosa, sees ambitious and frustrated CIA agent Matt Weston (Ryan Reynolds) finally get the chance to prove his worth to the powers that be. Matt has always wanted to show his seniors what he is and when rogue agent Tobin Frost (Denzel Washington) is brought to his safe house, he thinks he has finally been given that chance. But things rapidly take a turn for the worse as a group of heavily armed mercenaries appear and begin killing. Now Matt must protect Tobin as they both try to uncover who is behind this attack and how they knew where to find them.
Chronicle, directed by Josh Trank, is a supernatural thriller which sees three ordinary high school kids obtain powers more powerful and unpredictable than they could possibly imagine. When three high school kids stumble across a bizarre crater their immediate instinct it to check it out, an action they could never have guessed would lead to such a discovery. With these powers these three ordinary kids are transformed into something extraordinary, but with it comes a responsibility, the responsibility of power.

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