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Roger Ebert was an American film critic who joined the Chicago Sun-Times in 1967. He wrote for the paper and was syndicated around the country until his death. He was a prolific writer, writing over 300 reviews just last year.

Along with Gene Siskel, he hosted At The Movies, helping viewers decide what movies to see every week. The two coined the still-famous phrase "Two Thumbs Up."

Ebert, the first film critic to win a Pulitzer Prize, died at age 70 on April 4, 2013.

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Apr 2013, Roger Ebert dies at age 70, Chicago Sun-Times confirms

The Chicago Sun-Times has confirmed that world-renowned film critic Roger Ebert has died at age 70.

Dec 2008, Roger Ebert Becoming Life-Long Member of DGA

Celebrated film critic Roger Ebert will become an honorary life member of the Directors Guild of America, the Associated Press reports.Ebert, the film critic for the Chicago Sun-Times and Pulitzer Prize winner, is going to receive the honor at the DGA's annual awards dinner on Jan.


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