1600 Penn

1600 Penn is a comedy on NBC starring Jenna Elfman, Bill Pullman, Josh Gad and Martha MacIsaac. The premise of the show is following the experiences of a dysfunctional family, the family just so happens to be the Presidential family.

Josh Gad, who stars as Skip, is also a creator of the show, along with Jason Winer and Jon Lovett. You may remember Gad as Ben Franklin on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and the The Book of Mormon. He also starred in Love and Other Drugs with Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway.

Bill Pullman plays the president, but he isn't the same president as he was in Independence Day. Pullman plays a serious, but not so serious, president. His character, President Dale Gilchrist, has to balance being the leader of the free world and being a dad. Of course comedy ensues by virtue of that alone. His biggest challenge seems to be his son Skip, played by Josh Gad.

Skip is the lovable and fat savant philosopher of the show who often provides profoundly unique insight often under the guise of superficially simple slothful idiot rambling. Gad is hard not to love with his unique comedic approach, but sometimes seems too contrived.

Jenna Elfman, famous for Dharma and Greg, stars as the step mother and second wife of the president. She is absolutely hysterical and beautiful. Elfman is great as the wise, unwanted step mother looking for approval.

Lastly, Martha MacIsaac is Becca Gilchrist, the president's smartest and most achieved child. You might remember her from Superbad, and she reprises herself as a stunning comedic figure. MacIsaac is a tense chicken little figure, who is wound so tight that the idea of a mistake ravishes her stability. She is a charming figure on the show, providing a nice contrast to the loose and wild Skip.

1600 Penn is on Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. on NBC

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