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Dance Moms is a show on the Lifetime network which showcases young girls who dance at Abby Lee’s Dance Company in Pittsburgh, PA. They dance under the instruction of Abby Lee Miller, who can be overbearing sometimes. IMDB.com explains how the series is about young girls who dance and their mothers who watch them throughout their whole experience.
The series which came out in 2011, kicked off as an interesting one. Some of the same girls have been on the series since episode one, but there have been some fresh faces as well. Each episode, Miller chooses a student who showcased the best effort and improvement throughout that specific episode, which could be a series of shows. And following along with that, each week the mothers of the girls have something to yell at each other about.

When some mothers are not happy with how Miller treats the girls, or plays “favorites”, they may go to the extreme of removing their daughter from the Dance Company as Kendra’s mother did. She even took it to the next level and brought her to Miller’s rival Dance Company. After being in that Company and having Kendra showcased for as long as they needed, they ended up heading back to ALDC. To add to the drama, Miller took her back, no questions asked, but did not believe she should be able to dance right away.
Dance Moms is a show to watch for yourself. It has all the elements of crazy parents and young kids who are thrown in the midst of it all. But the fan favorite is Abby Miller, who knows what is up her sleeve next.

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