Long Island Medium - Theresa Caputo

Long Island Medium is a show on TLC in which Theresa Caputo is a “psychic” and helps people figure out their problems. Somehow, she knows what’s going on with these people who she has never met in her life before.
Caputo was raised on Long Island and has a family of her own. She claims she can speak with the deceased and it is a gift. On her own website, Theresacaputo.com she explains how she has been seeing spirits since age four. Caputo started her business two years prior to being asked to have a show about what she does. She only started her business with a business card and people who spoke to other people in the surrounding neighborhoods about what her business is.

Long Island Medium is thrown in the category of a reality TV show. It is basically a documentary of her own life and what she does for a living. Some episodes include her family and what her children are doing, but it always comes back to helping ordinary people with their deceased family members.

Ms. Greta Lynn seems as though she loves the show because she can get emotionally involved with it. Seems that TLC keeps bringing shows to the network which can touch people in different ways than the usual shows they bring to the table.

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