Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is an AMC original drama based on a comic book series by Robert Kirkman. The story begins with lone survivor Rick Grimes waking from a coma to find the world overtaken by zombies! A trek from hell reunites Grimes with his family. Largely outnumbered by the zombies, the terrified remnants of humanity turns life into a quest for survival. The theme is apocalyptic and depicts a group without freedom from daily struggle. Social tensions soon arise as the surviving become desperate to save themselves.

The Emmy award-winning and Golden Globe nominated series - produced by Glen Mazzara – features actors Andrew Lincoln, Sarah Wayne Callies and John Bernthal among others introduced later on in the series.

The Walking Dead premiere aired October 31, 2010. Season 3 kicks-off October 14 at 9/8 Central on AMC.


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