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Writing, editing and/or marketing for TheCelebrityCafe.com is a great training opportunity that helps you build your resume, learn all you need about online journalism, build your personal online brand through social media, but most of all, have some fun!

These positions are unpaid, work from home. All volunteers have a chance to have their work published with their own byline, and dedicated volunteers can get a place on our masthead, and press passes/credentials to exclusive events, festivals, etc. as well as interview opportunities!

It takes an hour or two a week, at most, to maximize what we can offer you.

A working computer and a reliable internet connection are a must. Recording devices and/or camera will be needed for interviews and events.

Our team of professional journalists can teach you how to write for an online audience, SEO and personal branding techniques, social media best practices, HTML coding for embedding photos and video as well as online copyright and plagiarism rules.

Contributing for TheCelebrityCafe.com is meant for students, recent grads and anyone transitioning careers to gain experience and hone their skills, not for SEO content. Please contact ad sales if you have promotional work you'd like to feature.

What can you write with us?

News Briefs
We used aggregated content to talk about entertainment, sports, world and national news, as well as health and technology. These are 160-word pieces that are quick to write and a great way to build a writing portfolio.

Top Ten Lists
Our lists are infamous. We list everything from celebrities to food to sexy ways to use snow. They are tons of fun to write and a great way to be creative.

Opinion Pieces
Even the most staid journalist has a hot button topic that they want to talk to the world about. We run opinion pieces about celebrities, news, and events. Simply pitch us your idea and we’ll consider it for publication.

Movie & TV Contributors

We review all major movies and recap most every TV show available for consumption. We are looking for more writers to cover the new shows, and some classics that are available.

TV Beats involve the following:

1) Turn in a synopsis of the show within 24-hours of it airing. Each week you need an intro, a write up, a conclusion. Each show is different, and should be discussed differently. You can tell what happened, you can break down characters, you can have a discussion with readers - whatever combination that suits you and the show is great. Just remember, they didn't have time to watch the show, and certainly won't read an abundance of words.

2) Once the story is published, share it in at least 5 places, especially on Twitter @ the show (handles are on the sheet) @ actors or people you talk about, message FB pages to share your recap, and other ideas here - https://sites.google.com/site/thecelebritycafecom/home/social-media-guides

3) Top ten lists before the season starts, mid-season and at the season end. This can be best moments, best sex scenes, most scandalous moments, breakups, whatever suits your show. These require photos/video.

4)That you have FUN with this!

Music Contributors

There are tons of albums that come in each month in a variety of genres for review. We are looking for music writers to write reviews, features and conduct interviews with both renowned and lesser known musicians, singers and bands.


TheCelebrityCafe.com runs weekly columns on the topics that are important to you. Everything from TV, movies, music (by genre) to goodwill, international royalty, and health. We have open columns available and are also open to column pitches, so if you want to have your say on a topic we may be able to help.


Copy Editing
Gain valuable online editing experience by working with our team of professionals. We can teach you how to edit for online content including HTML, using SEO keywords and meta tags, photo copyright and get you current in AP Style guidelines.

Copy editors are trained before any publishing is done.

Get started today - fill out our application and our editors will contact you.

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