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If you have a passion for entertainment and have something to say, we want to hear from you. We're looking for volunteer contributors who want to see their name in a byline on TheCelebrityCafe.com. Plus, if your article is published you might get a special shout out in our newsletter that reaches millions of readers.

We're currently seeking devoted fans to write about the shows that they are passionate about. The topics for your submission are endless. You can write episode recaps, opinion pieces, celebrity gossip you've heard about, just about anything.

To give it a shot please copy and paste the article into our Contact page. We'll review it and if you're selected you will receive a follow up email with more details. There currently is no deadline set for submissions however all topics must be current within the last week.

Keep in mind, all submissions must be original and created by you. They also cannot appear anywhere else in print or otherwise. Once submitted they become property of TheCelebrityCafe.com.

Becoming a Volunteer Contributor:

TheCelebrityCafe.com readers know a lot about entertainment. Maybe even more than we do! That is why we would like to extend an open invitation to you to help contribute to the community. Registered users who become loyal contributors will be rewarded with special recognition on the site.

Something to consider before contributing:

  • This is an unpaid position.
  • All content on TheCelebrityCafe.com is subject to change. Any content submitted may be corrected, changed, or rewritten in any way by the staff after being submitted.
  • Submissions go through a review and editing process and may or may not appear on the site.
  • All submissions will be considered and no individual or group will be shown favoritism.
  • All content must be original and never before published. Credit must be given and sourced properly (Name and link directing back to the article). Plagiarism is not tolerated and copyright laws will be respected.
  • Please keep submissions to a maximum of 800 words.

For a writer style guide please click here

How to submit to TheCelebrityCafe.com:

  • Copy and paste your article into our Contact page.

If you have any additional ideas not listed here feel free to send us your suggestion.

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