Xanax-25, the name for a medication to treat depression or tinitus. Judging from the band's musical style it is obvious that you would need the drug Xanax much more for tinitus than ever for depression. Loud, hard hitting and straight to the point, this New York City band has more drive and edge then larger, “major-label” groups people are used to.

As lead guitarist, Matt Stein puts it, "We've got a modern sound . . . intense at times and laid back at other times. . . ." The band has gone through a number of transformations since, but the current lineup is very close knit and gets along extremely well. As Matt puts it, "When we get together, it allows us to far surpass any of the individual players [within the band]. . . ."

The group's principal songwriter is Jaik Miller whose songs are ". . . very inspired . . . and very passionate . . ." according to Matt. Musically, their chord progressions and notes are far from amateurish and at times impressively advanced. These songs are much more then simple three chord melodies about love. They will soon be having a benefit concert in Colorado. This will be a show with Allman Brother's guitarist Warren Haynes. All the members of the group are looking forward to giving the people of Colorado an extremely intense show. Jaik himself is also hoping to experience some clean, fresh air for a change from his New York City experience!

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