Interview with MTV's 'The Challenge: Battle of the Exes' first eliminated, Nate

On MTV’s Challenge: Battle of the Exes, former Real World: San Diego and one time make-out couple Priscilla and Nate are teamed up against 12 other couples for a chance at $300,000. Unfortunately, the honey challenge took victory over Nate sending him and his partner to the dome to battle for their lives. Priscilla and Nate are ultimately the first couple to be eliminated, but there are no hard feelings there. had a chance to catch up with the hilarious Nate, who took time away from replaying the “honey challenge” and watching himself take a dive numerous times, to get his take on what happened on episode 1 of Battle of the Exes and what he has to say to those left in the house.

TheCelebrityCafe: Alright Nate, I need to know…what happened during the honey challenge?

Nate: You want to know about the honey challenge?!?

TCC: I do.

Nate: Oh boy…well, first you’re watching all these other people go on and you know, the first three rounds nobody stirs, it’s no big deal…So I’m looking at the platform and I’m thinking, “No big deal, I’ve got this.” Well, I saw them keep cleaning it [the honey] off and I thought…wow, there’s a lot of honey on that thing. I was the last person to go on my side of the beam. See, that’s just me making excuses for being a dumbass. So, I go up there and I’m looking at this thing and I’m thinking, “Oh my God, you just have to run down and back a couple of times, no big deal.” Well I run down, jump in the honey, start running back and *whistles* in I just decide to go swimming. So, after I decided to go for a swim, I climb the ladder, which is the hardest part of the whole damn thing), and I get up there and I have to go again. Well now the water is mixed in with the honey on my feet and at that point it was just a lost cause *laughing.* Everyone said it was hard to watch, I’m not going to lie, I had to rewind it like five or six times, because I was crying because I was laughing so hard! But, you know what are you going to do? I wasn’t at home practicing walking on honey.

TCC: Prior to the challenge who did you think was going to be your and Priscilla’s biggest competitors?

Nate: Well, I didn’t know any of these people... everyone told me to watch episodes before, but I thought ‘screw it, it’s all false pretenses anyway,’ so I just went in there not knowing anybody. From pure aesthetics, well this guy is ripped, so Ty, he is going to kick my ass if I piss him off... Dunbar who’s shredded like a yeti, but either way ya know I wasn’t going into it thinking, “Oh, someone can walk on honey better than me…” but, it turns out they did.

TCC: After all was said and done, and you an Priscilla knew you were going to head to the dome to ‘compete for your life,’ who was the best scenario to go against you and Priscilla in the battle?

Nate: Honestly as far as who, is not what I was worried about. I was worried about what kind of challenge. Our strengths are intellect, so puzzles, quizzes and what have you. So, we were hoping to have something to play to our strengths. I was just going into it hoping it wasn’t something physical or an endurance thing, I was hoping for something a little more intellectually based.

When we got there and I saw that it was going to be jumping over these giant Q-tip looking gladiator things, I thought, alright cool, I can do this. Then me and Wes looked at each other like, 'well here we go,' because we figured it would go really fast and we would be quicker than the girls, so it was going to come down to soccer vs football player. And then what ended up happening was, the thing didn’t go nearly as fast as what we had planned, so it went from athleticism to pure endurance. I don’t know what Priscilla’s deal was, she was doing some sort of bunny-hop ordeal, which would have been the strategy to use had it gone much, much quicker, but your spending way too much energy, especially for that rate. So I kinda did this one foot over hop thing that seemed to work well. They didn’t show this part, but I started with my right foot leading then turned around put my left foot leading, so I wouldn’t get on one side too long. But I mean, at that point... we just got done doing appearances and stuff and I [had been] drinking, because that’s what you do at appearances, so, we just weren’t in shape for that kind of challenge based on endurance. We lost fair and square. She runs marathons and he was a soccer player. Priscilla has never done anything and I’m an ex-football player, so it was the challenge that played into the strength and unfortunately, it just wasn’t our day.

TCC: Do you feel there was a disadvantage going into there as a “new comer?”

Nate: I would say there was a disadvantage in just getting done filming. As far as that being my first challenge there’s no disadvantage there is no advantage, I guess unless you have some sort of predisposition or past experience where you may know them one way or another, maybe that could play into it, but as far as the physical challenges like the puzzles, no. All these other people are going into this just as blind folded as you. We don’t know what genres we’re going up against; I personally don’t give a shit if you’re a vet. They walked around with these false pretenses of entitlement and I’m like, you’re a jackass! Like Robin came up to me and was like, ‘Hi, I’m Robin I was on the first San Diego…’ Cool, I was on the second and I don’t know why you feel you need to pass on a torch cuz I don’t know what torch is still burning after 10 years so… Really they can just screw off. As far as being a rookie there is no disadvantage but I will say there was a disadvantage in just getting done filming, we didn’t have adequate time to train or really get into the thick of things.

TCC: Having competed in what appeared to be both physically and mentally exhausting challenges, and then having lived in the house with exes, what’s more difficult, the challenges or cohabitating together?

Nate: You know, me and Priscilla aren’t really exes. We made out once and I mean, obviously that was a mistake and then she came at me again in Cabo, but I mean come on, she’s only human *laughing.* I don’t know what there is from her to me, but I can tell you there are no feelings at all from me to her, there never really was, it was just a fun make out session. I will say that that played into our advantage, or it would have, we don’t have a history to set aside. We could communicate better and we could trust each other in the games so we didn’t have to get caught up in all that bullshit. And, on that same note, I could flirt with a chick and help out with the social aspect of the game as well as she could go flirt with a guy and we could really capitalize on our social prose. It’s like, somebody with a past or history is going to go flirt with somebody else and the other person is losing their shit because, “That’s my ex, what the hell!” but I mean, I’ll tell you what, in that house, oh my God. Every night when I would try to go to bed somebody was screaming or crying, you wait till you see the fights between Tyrie and Jasmine, or the shit between CT and Diem, oh my goodness. Mind you, I didn’t know these people coming into this place and I was like, ‘These people are crazy!’ I thought the house in San Diego was crazy…no, imagine 30 people in the Dominican Republic, oh my God, and everyone is their own hurricane themselves and psychotic, ohhh heads up! I mean, I’m going to be watching because I know everybody, but, I cannot wait the just vicious battles that are going to take place.

TCC: So we had discussed the pros to having Priscilla as your teammate, because there wasn’t that history there and there wasn’t that hanging animosity, but if you were to do it all over again, what other female would you want to be on your team?

Nate: Emily or Rachel. They are both kinda cute and they’re both capitalizing on the social game, and I mean, they’re ripped! They’re physically fit like no other chicks in the house.

TCC: If you could give the remaining couples some advice, what would you tell them now?

Nate: Oh, I like that question, I haven’t had that one yet! If I could give them advice, I would say: Get the hell over it, and get paid. I mean, you know me personally, I don’t get caught up in drama at all, let alone with all of that BS so, just let it go, there’s a check at the end.

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