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Interview with Australian pop-star Cody Simpson

Australian pop singer Cody Simpson is taking the music industry by storm. With his rendition of “I Want Candy” featured in the playfully funny movie HOP, which is out this week on DVD and Blu-ray, to his work with T-Pain and Justin Bieber, this pop-icon is not stopping as he takes on a summer tour with Nickelodeon’s own Big Time Rush. The 15-year old took a moment from his busy day to talk to TheCelebrityCafe.com about HOP, his new album and his tour with BTR.

TheCelebrityCafe: On the HOP DVD you mention that this is the first time that you’ve worked in a movie, tell me, what was it like working on the rendition of “I Want Candy” for a movie that is so star studded as HOP?

Cody Simpson: It was incredible. They had approached me about remaking “I Want Candy” and I definitely put a lot of pressure on myself to make sure that I created a great remix because every time someone has remixed a song it’s been incredible, and, it’s obviously a classic song so I wanted to live up to his expectations of it. It was great when I went in and recorded it and we sent it in everyone loved it and I was fortunate enough to be featured in and have the song featured in the movie.

TCC: How have fans responded to your version of the song?

CS: Very well, I think. From what I have seen, every response that I have seen has been very positive. It was a little while, about a year ago that I recorded it now.

TCC: You recently released “Coast to Coast” can you tell me a little about that and your upcoming album?

CS: “Coast to Coast” was an EP that was released in September. I have a full length album coming out in the summer called Paradise. That’s my main focus now, definitely finishing up that album. The last couple of years of hard work have been leading up to this album- definitely my chance to show a wider range of what I’m doing. For a lot of people this will be the first kind of music that they’ve heard so far from me. I’m very excited to be able to do so.

TCC: You’re also touring with Big Time Rush this summer - when does the tour kick off?

CS: The tour kicks off in June-July I believe. I’m very excited that they offered me to be their special guest on the tour, it’s going to be a sweet time ya know. It is going to be a great way to spend the summer!

TCC: On the tour will you feature some of your new songs from your upcoming album?

CS: Yes definitely!

TCC: Who are you looking forward to working with the most?

CS: T-Pain was great, I’ve being doing a lot with Justin Bieber too. I have a lot of great collaborations and I’ve been writing songs and it’s going great.

TCC: Can you tell me about your new song called, “So Listen?”

CS: The song is actually about not being able to express what you want to say to someone you like or that you’re in love with. It’s like something happens when you start feeling for a girl, but you can’t quite put the words together to express to her. It kind of goes out to everyone with that feeling ya know? It’s like, I will let me actions do the talking and listen to my heart beat.

TCC: Would you like to perform more songs to be featured in movies?

CS: I’m not sure. If the opportunity presents itself then absolutely!

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