Worth the Watch: '21 Jump Street'

21 Jump Street, directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, stars Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum as two rookie cops who are sent under-cover as high-school kids to attempt to infiltrate the local school to uncover and bring down a synthetic drug ring. But of course things are never quite so simple as that. In order to gain the pupil's trust they must act like them. That means taking drugs, hooking up with women and throwing massive parties, all in the line of duty of course.

Everyone should be familiar with Jonah Hill by now, but for the few of you who aren't here is a little about him. Jonah has risen to fame quiet rapidly as one of the new faces in teen comedies. With such films under his belt as Get Him To The Greek, The Sitter and the hugely successful Superbad. He is an exceedingly funny actor and has a great on-screen presence. Even when playing the supporting role, you cannot help but be drawn to him. His over the top, quirky sense of humour made a refreshing change when he hit the scene. he has changed his style ever so slightly recently with the quick comments and sarcastic humour but the old Jonah is still there, getting stabbed unknowingly and being hit by cars, a very funny person indeed.

21 Jump Street sees a big change of role for co-star Channing Tatum. Girls will know Channing because of his defined body, good looks and dance moves. This film however sees him in a whole different light. Moving away from the teenage heart-throb roles he is now taking on the comical characters. I have to admit I am liking this move as Channing is definitely not a bad actor, he shows some of his more serious acting abilities in the films The Eagle and Haywire. I hope this is the start of Channing's move away from the typical chick-flick films and into more testing roles.

As for the film itself, it is an adaptation of the 80's television series of the same name. I have not seen the series but from what I have seen of this film it looks to be an absolute riot. With Jonah's comical on-screen presence and experience with such comedies and with Channing's first major comedy, I believe we are in for a treat. It looks to be hugely funny, filled with wild parties, entertainingly ridiculous drug side effects mixed in with some old school police action there looks to be something here for most people.

21 Jump Street is out in cinemas everywhere March 16.

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