Interview with 'Million Dollar Listing' reality star Madison Hildebrand

By Kristen Maldonado

Madison Hildebrand is a successful realtor in Malibu who currently stars on the Bravo reality show Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. Hildebrand spoke with’s Kristen Maldonado about the upcoming season of his show, the differences in his life since becoming a reality star, and what he has coming up in the future. You are going into the fifth season of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles! Can you tell us a little bit about it?

Madison Hildebrand: Yes, June 6th it airs. It’s a lot more dramatic than normal. It’s kind of like the Housewives this season. There are a lot of real experiences. I mean, the realty itself is amazing. The markets picked up since last season, so we have bigger and better real estate than normal, which is great, and really fun clients.

But then the drama between the three of us escalates because my assistant, which you’ll see, betrays me. She goes with Josh and in the teaser you see she throws wine all over me at an open house to my surprise. There’s a lot of name-calling and wine throwing and I haven’t seen more than that so I don’t know really. It’s been announced that Million Dollar Listing New York was picked up for another season. Do you ever interact with the realtors on the other show?

Madison Hildebrand: I got to meet all three guys on the other show when I was up in New York last month for Bravo. It was fun to meet all them because it was in the middle of their season and they – all three – are exactly how they are on camera, which is pretty exciting because they’re really funny characters on the television show, but they’re really like that in real life. We talk, other than that, just on Twitter basically. Did you ever give them advice about being a real estate agent on a reality show?

Madison Hildebrand: I definitely tell anyone whose on reality TV for the first season – this is what I learned five years ago, especially if you’re a public figure as a real estate agent or someone that’s accessible – to remove your cell phone number and your personal home address from everywhere online. It may seem obvious, but a lot of people don’t think about it, and I certainly didn’t. The other thing is set up your Twitter and social media life because that’s a great venue for the public who wants to communicate with you to do that rather than interrupting your daily business life. You’ve been on the show for five years. Have you seen a big difference in your life between then and now?

Madison Hildebrand: Yes, definitely! I mean, I thought life was big and fun before and it just got bigger and better now and every year it does, it gets a little more exciting. What’s great is that I don’t feel alone anywhere I go because if I want to talk to people and go somewhere and communicate, it’s pretty much out there. Everyday is so exciting. I get to meet and work with so many different people. A lot of the people, especially in the high-end luxury community in Malibu, [are] at the top of their game or have had a really adventurous or eccentric life, so I get to meet all walks of life and that’s what makes my job so interesting – all the different personalities and all the different careers that come with it.

I think as far as what TV has personally brought, when people know me or know the show they approach me with a lot of happiness and love and are really supportive and fun. But what’s cool is if they’re a really special person or someone who’s interesting, I can open up quickly to them also and we can create a friendship. So I get to meet a lot more friends at a really fast pace and it’s something that I never would have expected. You know it’s not one of the things you think about when you say, “I’m going to be on TV.” Can you give us an example?

Madison Hildebrand: At Andy Cohen’s event for his book signing in Los Angeles, Rebecca Romijn came up to me and gave me the biggest, most sincere hug. She’s like, “I just love you,” and I was like, “Wow – I love you! You give such good hugs!” So that may be the beginning of a friendship just because she loves my character on the show and then we got to finally talk to each other because we were at the same event. Do you think you would ever want to branch away from real estate?

Madison Hildebrand: I like what’s happening right now, but I don’t plan on doing real estate forever. I definitely plan on expanding and doing more. If TV and hosting is what that becomes then I would love that but I don’t exactly have what I’m suppose to be doing because I’m so busy right now and who knows if I’m doing season six. What do you have coming up in the future?

Madison Hildebrand: I am going to be the Grand Marshall of the Houston Pride Parade on June 23rd, which should be really fun because it’s a night-time parade and there’s 300,000 spectators in the crowd. That will be fun.

And then on June 6th, I am the emcee and the auctioneer of the Malibu Boys and Girls Club and Cindy Crawford and Kelly Meyer are the hostesses. So, you know, a lot of fun, different opportunities that may not happen from the show, but I get to participate in and am grateful for. Anything else you want to add?

Madison Hildebrand: I just met with a younger, newer agent to help him with his career. What I had to really listen to myself when I got in [to real estate] at a young age – and what I told this guy – was if you listen to everyone else’s negativity you’ll be so afraid you’ll never do anything, so you have to just say, “This is what I’m going to do and then I’ll learn from my mistakes.” There is no wrong doing, you’re just moving forward and moving forward includes making mistakes. I think it’s important because everyone told me, “You’re too young to get into real estate. This is too competitive here. There’s too many agents and you don’t have enough experience.” It was just on and on and on and if I just listened to that I never would have gone into real estate. That’s what most of the majority of the people I asked told me. So just do it, and doing it includes making mistakes.

MILLION DOLLAR LISTING -- Pictured: Madison Hildebrand -- Bravo Photo: Evans Vestal Ward

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