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Interview with Michael Lohan

Michael Lohan is, of course, best known as the father of Lindsay Lohan. In an interview with TheCelebrityCafe.com, he spoke about her recent problems, his high hopes for her future and the charity that’s close to his heart.

TCC: I’m not really sure how much you’d want to talk about Lindsay, but I’ve got plenty of questions about her. I’m sure you’ve read everything about her recent assault at the hotel. You’ve been quoted as saying “Wait ‘til I get this guy.” So do you not agree with the police’s decision not to charge the guy?

Michael Lohan: Listen, I think it’s a little fishy. If it was myself...if it was Lindsay...if it was Kate [Major], we would have been arrested and facing charges. It was on Lindsay’s property, so to speak. It was in her hotel room. He took her phone or his phone and he was taking pictures and she took it away from him. What kind of crime did Lindsay commit? This guy grabbed her, threw her on a bed and actually choked her. To me, that’s assault and even battery. I don’t know why he’s not being prosecuted.

TCC: Do you think that his political connections might have something to do with that?

ML: I think absolutely, his political connections had something to do with it. Definitely.

TCC: Now, Lindsay’s back in New York and one of the other recent problems she had was a lung infection, which was kind of scary...As an asthmatic myself, I know how scary that can be. So were you really scared when you heard about that?

ML: Absolutely. I think that it was more than just pneumonia. I think that the hours she was keeping and burning the candle at both ends definitely had an effect on it. It’s indicative that there’s something wrong. I think that has a lot to do with her lifestyle and staying out late. And if she’d cut that out of her life and some of the people in her life, I’d think she’d be a lot healthier.

TCC: Her next project is the Elizabeth Taylor film that she just finished that’s airing in November. Do you think that she’s done a pretty good job of being one of the most iconic actresses ever?

ML: She’s done a tremendous job. I even heard from her producer, Larry Thompson, who’s an amazing guy and a tough critic and he said she did an amazing job. I think people are going to see...not even Lindsay at her fullest. Even if it’s 75 or 80 percent at most, she’s better than most. She’s amazing. And I think that Elizabeth Taylor’s family is going to be very happy with her performance.

TCC: Do you hope that this movie propels her into mainstream film? After this one, she did the indie movie called The Canyons...

ML: ...And then she did [Scary Movie 5] with Charlie Sheen...

TCC: Do you hope that this push will get her back into mainstream filmmaking?

ML: This push is going to put her back as one of the best actresses in Hollywood. But I think after this push, she just needs to take a step away and regroup, take some time to herself...go to a spa [and] take care of herself. Get rid of those people, places and things that she doesn’t need to be around and just get healthy.

TCC: One of the other cases was that person at the nightclub that said that Lindsay had hit him. You look at the video and you can barely tell. I read another quote where you said you wanted her to sue the guy for claiming...

ML: The reason why I said that...Look it’s obvious that the guy lied and wanted to take advantage of Lindsay’s celebrity and that’s why there were no charges pressed. But she needs to make an example of this guy. That people cannot keep making false claims about her. That’s why I think she should sue.

I’ve never sued anyone in my life. I would never encourage anyone to sue. But at the same time this has got to come to an end.

TCC: I should probably ask about yourself. Are there any projects...something with television or maybe a charity that you’re dedicated to?

ML: Yes. I’m working with the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation based out of Florida with a lady named Nathalie Sloane...I’m doing two events. I’m doing one right now at 75 Main, which is a restaurant in Delray Beach, Florida. It’s a fundraiser. And also a golf outing at Parkway and Country Club on Oct. 11.

But more importantly I’m doing work at a detox center, one of the best in the world called Florida Detox and it’s just an amazing, amazing place. It’s probably the best place for anyone with any addiction to go to. Because they treat you medically through a patented IV solution put together by the doctor... The doctors there are amazing. I met with the doctor [Dr. Sponaugle]...he’s just amazing.
He’s an addiction specialist and you will not believe the people that he’s saved.

TCC: That sounds like a great cause.

ML: Oh, it’s dear to my heart. I have a passion for helping people with drug and alcohol addiction.

TCC: Do you have any TV projects in the works? Any reality shows?

ML: Not interested. I’m just focusing right now on Kate being pregnant and having a baby and living a happy lifestyle.

TCC: How far along is she?

ML: About six months.

TCC: How is she doing?

ML: She’s doing really, really well. I’m really proud of her. She’s turned her whole life around, focused on being really healthy for the baby and herself.

It’s something that I really wish Dina would do. It’s really evident that she’s got an alcohol and drug addiction.

TCC: Do you really think she was drunk on Dr. Phil?

ML: Do I think? No, I absolutely know that she was. And she knows that she was. As soon as Dina comes clean with herself and she gets out of this narcissistic behavior, and it’s becoming sociopathic because she actually believes what she says... Our kids need two healthy parents in their life...two clean and sober parents. They’ll never have the stability they need unless they have two parents on the right path. And what they don’t need is one parent creating a wedge between the other parent, when Dina’s in her addiction and I’m straight and her keeping the kids away from me. Because it’s only creating instability for them and they’re going to suffer the repercussions. It’s a very selfish thing.

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