Top 10 hard rock songs of the '90s

The 1990s were a strange decade full of angst-ridden tunes with nonsensical titles from bands who had very strange names. That said, a lot of these songs still rock. Keep in mind, readers, these are all hard rock songs, so you wouldn’t find No Doubt or Smash Mouth on this list.

Here’s a quick-and-dirty guide to 10 rock songs from the ‘90s that still rock. By no means is the list a complete one, but it’s a good place to start.

10. “Hard to Handle” The Black Crowes

The Black Crowes know how to lay down a bluesy, rocking beat. Pair that up with the energetic sexy lyrics and you’ve got a winner. I still don’t know what “Hey little thing let me light your candle/'Cause mama I'm sure hard to handle, now” means, but it’s hard to disagree to with singer Chris Robinson.

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