Helen Fielding working on new 'Bridget Jones' novel

Author Helen Fielding announced that she is working on a third Bridget Jones novel during a radio interview in the U.K. on Friday.

"The new novel is set in present-day London, with an entirely new scenario for Bridget. If people laugh as much reading it as I am while writing it then we’ll all be very happy," Fielding was quoted by Entertainment Weekly.

She also revealed that the third book will not follow the story line of the new Bridget Jones movie set to be released next year, which is about Bridget having a baby, with Renee Zellweger reprising her role.

Instead, the new book will show Bridget dealing with new things like social media, texting and even online dating.

"I had new stuff I wanted to say, things that were making me laugh, things that didn't exist when I wrote the last Bridget, like emails, the way life is lived through texting and Twitter," Fielding explained, as quoted by London's Daily Mail.

Fans curious about Bridget's love interests from the first two books, Mark Darcy and Daniel Cleaver, shouldn't worry, because although Fielding mentioned that some characters may have disappeared, she also said that Darcy and Cleaver will "still be presences in the book," as reported by London's Daily Mail.

She was then asked why fans can empathize with Bridget's story.

"I'd like to think Bridget has allowed people, particularly women, to think it's all right just to be all right. It's all right just to be a person and sort of muddle through the complicated, overstuffed world that we live in... you don't have to be an airbrushed picture in a magazine," Fielding answered, as quoted by London's Daily Mail.

Look for Fielding's new Bridget Jones novel to be published in autumn of next year.

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