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Kurt Cobain documentary in the works, Courtney Love approves

Director Brett Morgen is working on a documentary about Kurt Cobain and although Courtney Love will not be involved, she has given Morgen her blessing.

Original reports made it sound as if Love was going to be directly involved with the project but Morgen said that his comments in the New York Post were taken out of context, according to Entertainment Weekly.

"Back in 2007, I had a meeting in L.A. with Courtney Love to discuss my possible involvement in a Kurt Cobain documentary. She had seen my film, The Kid Stays in the Picture, and thought that I had the right vision and passion to bring Kurt’s story to life," Morgen told Entertainment Weekly.

"Since that time, I have been speaking exclusively with Kurt Cobain’s estate, who have given me their full cooperation in order to make the film. Courtney isn’t currently involved with the project in any capacity. The estate and I will be releasing more information about our plans in the coming weeks. Production on the film will begin in the coming months and we are aiming for a 2014 release," he continued.

Love's representative said that "she thinks he’s a great director," and approves of the documentary being made.

According to Morgen, the documentary would be like a third-person autobiography as if Cobain was making a film about his life.

Rumors about a Nirvana musical about Cobain were floating around but Love denied the possibility of it happening.

"There will be no musical. Sometimes it's best just to leave things alone," Love told the Observer.

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