Neil Patrick Harris debuts new puppet web series (Video)

If you were wondering what else Neil Patrick Harris could possibly do, then add a web series with puppets to the list.

Harris teamed up with Nerdist and Chris Hardwick to create Neil's Puppet Dreams, which premiered Tuesday. The series features puppets from Jim Henson Studios and is produced as well as co-created by Janet Varney, reports The Huffington Post. And although there are puppets, Harris says it's more PG-13 than family friendly.

"I’m a wild fan of Brian [Henson]. Jim Henson was the only piece of fan mail I ever wrote when I was a little kid. I’m a nerdy, geeky fan of Labyrinth and Dark Crystal. I collect puppet stuff. I have a puppet workshop in my garage. I was looking for any opportunity to be able to get very creatively involved in that world," Harris told Entertainment Weekly.

The first episode also features his partner, David Burtka, as he and Burtka are seen from the viewpoint of a crib as if they are putting their twins, Gideon Scott and Harper Grace, to sleep with stuffed animals.

Harris revealed he always planned on having Burtka be part of the project.

"Yeah, when Chris pitched it to me, he thought that Janet Varney and David Burtka should both be producers in it, because we all have a similar love for this stuff. So David has been actively involved both onscreen, but mostly off screen. He did a lot of the executive producing end of things – scheduling and script writing and organizing everything," he explained.

When Harris was asked about that puppet workshop of his the actor added, "Not a euphemism, by the way."

Watch the first episode below and check the Nerdist YouTube channel for future episodes.

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