Former E! star Alexis Neiers announces pregnancy

Alexis Neiers, former star of E!'s Pretty Wild, has announced she is 18 weeks pregnant with her first child.

This will be the 21-year-old's first child with husband Evan Haines, who she married earlier this year in April, reports E! News.

"This has been such an incredible year. You get married, things settle down. We weren't planning on having a baby right away—but we weren't not planning on it either. When we got the news, it was very exciting! I felt like I've always had motherly instincts, so it's been a very joyous experience," Neiers said.

Neiers was involved in the "Bling Ring" burglaries back in 2009. She was charged for first degree residential burglary and served one month out of the six-month sentence she received, according to Zimbio.

She revealed she went through a difficult first trimester and believes she is having a girl but Neiers and Haines say they will be "happy either way."

"We really just wanted a healthy, happy baby. When you go through all the difficult stuff, and then you find out the baby is healthy, all I can do is stay healthy. Eat the right stuff, do yoga, get exercise. I haven't put on much weight, which is good. I don't think being pregnant is an excuse to eat ice cream and Snickers all day," she explained.

The couple's first child is due in May.

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