Zak Bagans vs Praga Khan 'NecroFusion' album review

Zak Bagans, known for investigating and getting locked down in some of the creepiest places in the world on Ghost Adventures, joined forces with Praga Khan of Lords of Acid to blend together enticing beats and his interactions with spirits to create NecroFusion.

Bagans compared working with Khan to finding a film director to portray your life story and even though they did the entire project over the phone and had never met, Bagans said the two of them clicked and Khan nailed it.

The album meshes together electronic music, some songs reaching dubstep levels, and Bagans' interactions with spirits. Fans of Ghost Adventures will notice certain songs are like listening to him perform an EVP session similar to how he, Nick and Aaron do on the show except it's enhanced by the music.

NecroFusion won't meet everyone's expectations especially if you're not a fan of electronic or house music but I like to give everything a chance and I found myself loving something different about each song as I listened to the album.

Each song has its own eeriness as you hear the spirit voices but some of the songs are actually surprisingly calming in an odd way. The music also matches the emotional tone and mood Bagans felt when he had each interaction.

"Dead Awaiting" is creepy, intense and mesmerizing as you listen to Bagans talk about coming into contact with spirits and the aftereffects as well as getting scratched by them. You also hear him asking the ultimate question, "What happens when we die?"

"They Are Talking" may seem ominous but as it says in the song, "shut up and listen," because as it continues it becomes strangely enthralling and relaxing.

As corny as it sounds and whether he meant to or not, Bagans saved the best for last with "Eleven Heaven" which is the final song on the album. It's by far one of the best songs on NecroFusion and you just become absorbed into it.

NecroFusion is unique and worth listening to. Bagans' fans won't be disappointed if they enjoy this type of music or even if they're up for trying something new because although it is electronic music, it's not every day that you hear a song filled with spirit voices.

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