Top 10 'What Not to Wear' makeovers

After enjoying 10 seasons of makeovers, TLC’s What Not to Wear will give its last makeover this year. The final season is set to air on Friday nights beginning this July. Stacey and Clinton have sure seen some wacky senses of style through the years. Here’s a look back at their 10 most memorable makeovers.

10. Ellyn

A music publicist from New York had lost 120 pounds before her friends and family believed she should be featured on the show. After losing a drastic amount of weight, Ellyn felt she couldn’t recognize herself in the mirror, and chose not to dress in a way that would show off a body she didn’t feel was her own. Before her makeover, Ellyn had frizzy red hair and chose to wear clothes for comfort rather than style. After Clinton and Stacey took charge of her wardrobe, Ellyn completely transformed. The team gave her a relaxed hairstyle and slipped her into some age appropriate classy clothing.

See the photo slideshow of Ellyn's makeover here.

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