Top 10 Saddest Hip-Hop Songs

Hip-Hop artists are known for their raw, raunchy, and metaphorical lyrics in the industry. Some have produced party anthems that are considered to be classics to this day. However, throughout the years, rap artists have been willing to produce records that fans can relate to on a personal level. This countdown focuses on the saddest and turbulent moments in their life. Eminem, Nas, Ludacris, T.I. and many more talk about death, family, their childhood, or societal issues in the world. As you can see, rappers have a softer side to them.

"Every tough dude needs to be someone's baby, no matter how we try to cover it up" - DMX. And DMX is right! Hip-Hop artists use their lyrics as a way to reveal their hurt, agony, and pain they feel inside of their hearts. This exercise has been helpful for artists such as Eminem. He is not afraid to talk about the relationship he has with his daughter, ex-wife, fans, or personal demons he had to overcome in life.

These are the top 10 saddest hip-hop songs that fans voted. Enjoy but most importantly, pay attention to the delivery and lyrics in these songs!

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