'Amazing Race' Recap: "Working Our Barrels Off"

At the start, teams learned they had to fly to Edinburgh Scotland and drive to Gosford House to receive their next clue.

Max and Katie bypassed going to the airport (which was closed), and went to the Business center, getting tickets on a flight that would get them in at 10:40 AM. All other teams went straight to the airport, which didn’t open until 5:00 AM. As a result, Mona and Beth and Joey and Meghan were on a flight that would get in at 1:00 PM. However Caroline and Jennifer and Bates and Anthony were on a flight that would get them in at 4:00 PM. However, Bates and Anthony and Caroline and Jennifer got on the same flight as well by sneaking to new counters. Therefore, their alliance against the roller moms and team YouTube was still more successful—though those two had no idea that they were no longer ahead of the other three.

At Gosford House, teams received a road block, where they would have to learn to play a bagpipe while marching around the Marble Room. Max finished first, and he and Katie headed to Craigmillar Castle, where they would have to search the fireplaces for their next clue. Bates and Anthony were right on their tails. Caroline and Jennifer however ran into trouble, taking seven times to get it right, putting them behind the two teams in their alliance, but allowing them to leave the house just before Beth and Mona and Megan and Joey arrived.

Mona and Beth and Megan and Joey arrived at Edinburgh and realized they had arrived after the other teams. When Mona and Beth got to the castle, they encountered their speed bump, where they each had to get a strike while playing the Scottish version of bowling.

Bates and Anthony arrived at the castle first, and encountered a Detour. In “Tasty Puddin’,” teams had to fill an Ox’s intestine with assorted meats, properly prepare four servings, and then take a bite before receiving their next clue. In “Whiskey Rollin’,” they had to roll 8 barrels 200 yards up a cobblestone walkway to a festival. Max and Katie and Caroline and Jennifer chose “Tasty Puddin’.” Bates and Anthony chose “Whiskey Rollin’.” When they arrived, Joey and Meghan and Mona and Beth also chose “Tasty Puddin’,”.

At Duddingston Kirk, they encountered the Double U-Turn. Bates and Anthony chose to U-Turn Meghan and Joey. Max and Katie U-turned Mona and Beth. Therefore, after they both completed “Tasty Puddin’,” they had to then go and complete “Whiskey Rollin’” as well

After U-turning, both Max and Katie and Bates and Anthony made their way to the Pit Stop at Niddry Street South. Max and Katie arrived first, winning $10,000 each. Bates and Anthony checked in second, with Caroline and Jennifer in third.

In a race through “Whiskey Rollin’” Mona and Beth and Joey and Meghan competed for the last spot in the semi0final leg. Mona and Beth finished first, but Joey and Meghan were only one barrel behind. Mona and Beth also managed to get lost along the way. Finally, after encountering everything they did all day, Mona and Beth edged just past Joey and Meghan, getting to continue on for at least one more leg. Joey and Meghan arrived last, and were eliminated.

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