Chris Richardson, former 'American Idol' contestant, talks about new album and 'Idol' experience [EXCLUSIVE]

Chris Richardson was on American Idol's sixth season. He is currently working on his first album and he is happy to be a part of the YMCMB family. Chris shared some helpful and interesting information with us. He discusses his album, his American Idol experience, fitness tips, and more. When is your upcoming album coming out?

Chris Richardson: The album is coming out this year, hopefully this Spring/Summer. This has been a long time coming so I am actually excited about getting my first album out to my fans. I have a pretty good fan base from my idol days. They have been sticking around waiting for me to come through with an album. I am thankful that they are interested in what I am about to present. I am really excited about getting this opportunity.

TCC: Why did you choose to record your song “Joy and Pain” featuring Tyge?

Chris: “Joy and Pain” is real melodic song that I latched on to. Detail and I got in the studio and we really vibed to the song. Sometimes that’s how songs come about. You find a good vibing record that you really want to stand behind and you just go for it. “Joy and Pain” was more or less a song to get people to know who I am as a singer/songwriter coming out to this world of music and sort of introduce them to the sound of the voice, and we thought “Joy and Pain” was a pretty good introduction. We’re still rolling with it.

Also, we have a couple of records about to come out soon. I just shot a video for “Collecting," a song that I’m putting out. I also did a shoot for another record with one of my label mates. We’re going to put a lot of music out at one time so it’s not so stretched out. Going back to “Joy and Pain," I just want to introduce the world to the voice, and get them prepared for how the album is going to sound.

TCC: Since you play the guitar, drums, and piano, will you play any instruments on your album?

Chris: Yes, actually that’s a big part of my life, being a musician at the same time as being a singer/songwriter. I grew up playing the drums and the piano and I started playing the guitar as I got older. It’s definitely one of those things that will be infused in my shows so people can see all the different elements.

At the same time, they can see the infusion in my music too. They will hear a live infusion that will be played by me. The album will have that live infusion within it so people will know that I have been a part of it--not just as a songwriter, but on the production side, and on the music side. I’m excited about it. I’m excited about doing the show, building the show up and surprising people during the show.

TCC: Based on your American Idol experience, what advice would you give to others who plan to audition for American Idol?

Chris: American Idol was another type of outlet for my music career-something that I really wanted to do. If people really want to be in the music business or want to be a part of it, and if they are interested, I would encourage them to go for it. Even if it’s their way of trying to break into the music business, they should give it a shot. American Idol is one of those things that-- you have to be all about it. You have to think that this could start a career for me. This could take my life to a place where it wasn’t yesterday.

I just tell people who audition for the show to go in there with the thought that this is could really change my life. This is something that can change the way I’m living right now. You really have to be prepared for the changes. The show is not going to just bring deals to the table. Even if you get to a spot on the show where you are really, really close to winning, you still have to work after you get off the show. I think more or less, I would tell people to prepare themselves for what they are about to get into if they get past the rounds on American Idol.

TCC: American Idol added new judges this season--what do you think about that?

Chris: I think it’s cool. I like the way they switch up the judges. You have to sort of keep the television shows alive. There are so many reality shows now that you sort of choose one you like a little bit more than the others, and you kind of stick with that one. I think that switching up the judges gives it personality. They are finding people who are really credible in the music business.

I think that a lot of people who are coming up trying to be artists and want to be in this big circle of the music world rather it’s top 40, country, or rock and roll--I mean you name it. I think the viewers really like to see people who are actually currently successful in music today because I think that’s what the show is really about-- creating the next POP star or the next country star or the next whatever of today. Again, I think it’s really cool.

TCC: How do you like Nicki Minaj’s strategy as a judge?

Chris: I like Nicki’s personality. I like people who are straight forward, but then you start to see the soft spot just as you would see in anyone. You start to understand what the judges are trying to do on the show, and that is to honestly critique these aspiring artists and help them go to the next step or figure out how they are going to get to the next step because it’s not just a singing competition once you get to a certain point especially when you are trying to start a career.

TCC: Who do you think will win American Idol this season?

Chris: I don’t know. I don’t even know—that’s tough.

TCC: Are you happy with the way your career is going now?

Chris: That is a good question. I have never been asked that question before. I’m always happy and I’m always blessed. In the music business, of course you wish things would go a little faster sometimes. This is one of those businesses where you have to put in a lot of your light and a lot of your time in order to finally get that one moment to show someone who believes in your product enough to push it out to people.

There are definitely frustrations along the way, but at the same time, I’m just really a live in the moment type of person, and I am really blessed to be where I am at this point in my career. Am I ready to get the album out there and get a tour going and really start showing what my vision was in the first place? Of course, but I’m definitely persistent with it and patient with it. I am blessed to be with a good record label (YMCMB) that actually believes in me—so in due time.

TCC: Do you find that it is difficult to stay fit and eat healthy with your busy schedule or is it easy for you?

Chris: With a music career, it’s not so much that you make your own schedule, but you kind of get yourself in a routine and you really stick with that routine. When you see that it keeps you consistently healthy, living healthy, looking the same way, feeling happy about yourself, and having energy, I think it’s really easy to maintain. I think the hardest part for me when I try to get people to work out more and eat healthy is the startup-- just getting people motivated enough to stick with it past the initial start.

Some people go in for a week or two, and they see one or two results. Oh my goodness, if they would just push themselves a little bit further and make it a routine instead of treating the initial workout like a quick little introduction, I think they will find it a whole lot easier to maintain within their schedule. I have a lot of free time to work out during the day since I have studio time at night. Even though I am on the road, when I am at the hotel, I go to the gym and get an hour work-out in. I watch what I eat because it is hard to eat healthy on the road. I drink a lot of protein shakes; I eat a lot of protein bars, chicken, and a lot of vegetables. I try to keep it healthy, but I think we all splurge every once and a while. When you are on a routine and working out constantly, you are allowed to splurge.

TCC: Thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to share your insightful information with us, and to tell us about your album.

Chris: You’re welcome and thank you.

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