Free Comic Books Day coming May 4th

Every year in early May, comic book stores attract droves of regulars and newbies by offering free comics from both the big houses like Marvel and DC as well as smaller, independent presses. This year, Free Comic Book Day is May 4th and promises to showcase some well-worth-the-visit titles.

I'm so excited .. Just 15 more days :) #FCBD #CabComics  on Twitpic

Regular comic book buyers know to look at Free Comic Book Day to reveal upcoming events in the major comics distributors. So The Sun Times' report that Marvel is launching an event through its free comic titled Infinity is not surprising. The cover and the title hearken thoughts of Thanos, the large purple baddie showcased post-credits in last year's The Avengers.

DC is also linking their Free Comic Book Day give away to a major motion picture. According to Redeye, DC's Superman title is an attempt to up interest in the hero coming up on the Man of Steel release.

But the day is not all about the titans of the industry. Smaller presses have some interesting titles to handout. According to, titles to be released include The Walking Dead, The Simpsons, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and The Smurfs.

And comic book retailers hop on the wagon to get some exposure. Bleeding Cool reports on a comic book store planning to put out some of their own comics during the event. It's all about exposure.

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