Top 10 Best 'Friends' Episodes

It’s no secret that Friends is my favorite show and I argue, one of the best sitcoms ever created. Its genius story lines, light-hearted humor and loveable characters make this show relatable to everyone. To pick just 10 best episodes from 10 whole seasons of this beloved show is almost an impossible feat. Yet, I attempted it and I argue these are the TOP 10 BEST FRIENDS EPISODES of all time. Let me know if you agree!

10. The One with the Late Thanksgiving

Another episode taking place entirely in the apartment, (and also the hallway), this episode marks another “Thanksgiving” great. When Rachel, Ross, Phoebe and Joey are late to Thanksgiving, Monica and Chandler lock them outside in the hallway. When four floating heads pop out of the locked door and Joey drools on Rachel’s head, you can’t help but love these “Friends.”

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