Top 10 Most Inspiring Teachers Movies

As a personal favorite, teachers are always one of our greatest influences when our parents are not teaching us. From various different regions of the country, we come together as one united community through the teachings of our teachers and mentors who hold the vision of prosperity and change in their eyesight, determined to execute their change into the school environment where all kids vary from region to region.

A tribute to life’s greatest educators aside from our parents, this one is for all teachers in the world. Here are the top 10 most inspiring teachers movies.

10 – Stand and Deliver

This 1982 drama film tells the story of educator Jaime “Kimo” Escalante, a new teacher at the Garfield High School with a determined spirit to change the academic structure and enhance their level of teaching by relating the subject to personal matters. In the below clip, you see him teaching his class how to solve a mathematical problem by referencing the subjects in the word problem to “girlfriends” and/or “boyfriends.” A teacher who not only is able to do so, but has the courage to execute that style of teaching, is a truly resolute educator. And this starts us off for our top 10 list.

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